Friday, January 23, 2015

Milestones And Designs

In that order.

So a few milestones have just come up for my little blog here.

The first one is post count.  My post on January 20th, the one about school, was my 100th post.  Which is kind of cool; a nice round number with zeros.  And I've come rather a long way in 100 posts, from long exhaustive posts to these short little snippets of my life.  And I've grown up quite a bit too, since those earliest posts were published in October 2011, over three entire years ago.  Hopefully I'll do a few more than a hundred posts in the next three years, with my goal to do a post a day this year!

The other milestone is in blog views.  This one's a bit silly, granted, but at the time of writing I'm just 3 views shy of 10,000 -- another nice round number.  An overwhelming majority are on one post, but I have a few other stand-out popular posts as well.

2,900 views on Diagonal Two-Color Squares Tutorial
170 views on Octuple Rainbow: Reminiscing (I'm pretty proud of this post, so I'm flattered it gets second)
155 views on Knitting While Drunk (this is fair; I deserve to be widely laughed at/with for that one)
135 views on Unexpected Toothy Guest (this post is over three years old; I have no idea why it's so popular)
120 views on A Little Spinning Story

Also lately I've noticed that there's always at least one pageview on every post I make, which means I have someone regularly checking the blog and reading all the posts. (I admit to using the jumps to force people to go to the post page to read the entire post, so I can track the view numbers.)  I suspect my regular reader may be Corrie from Plutonium Muffins, but I'm not sure.  I'd love to find out who my readers are though, so please do leave me comments!

Now, after my sneaky pageview-tracking jump break, let's talk about designs.
So!  As you can see, a lot of my pageviews are on my design for the diagonal squares, which means a lot of my traffic comes from Ravelry and Pinterest.  (Seriously, that one picture of the orange-and-brown square turns up like fifty times on Pinterest.  It's super weird.  I should tell Ian's cousin that one of the blocks in her purse is minorly famous.)

I really love designing my own patterns, but I really never publish them.  There's just a lot of work involved in pattern design, and not all of it comes in the actual design part.  A lot of it is in the writing-up and the formatting and the editing of the patterns, which is the part I really don't want to do.  So a lot of the time I just don't do it, and then I don't have patterns to share.  This is something I'm interested in changing.  (I'm also interested in using Demonic Marshmallow as a place to sell ready-made or to-order knitting and crocheting, and handspun and/or dyed yarns.  But those are topics for another day.)  I'm in the process of putting together some patterns that I'd like to share, but I'm still deciding whether they'll be free or paid (cheap, but paid).  This is the part where I ask you:

Would you pay a few dollars for clear, straightforward patterns?  A lot of them will be easy, or small, or have lots of details geared toward learning the craft, or otherwise very suited for beginners.  In fact, everything I'm working on now is easy patterns where most of the focus is on what you're doing from a technical standpoint, and how it works.  This is something that fascinates me to no end, and I wonder if there's a market for it.  Any thoughts?

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