Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Words Of Advice, And 3GT

I have three "words of advice" from today:

When you turn off one of your alarms, make sure the other one is still on.

When you do an MKAL from a new designer, expect mishaps and weirdness.

Walmart will have no exercise clothes in a size small, because people who are already a size small are the ones who do the most exercise (this is my hunch).  Also, there are a million size mediums.

On which note, check out my new yoga gear!  The teacher assured us that we "all have something in our closets", but I... really didn't.  So I needed pants, and the hoodie was on sale and had thumbholes and I need something lightweight.

(I sent this picture to Ian without comment and his reaction was, "Woah, what are those?")

Three Good Things is next, but I'll only do through Sunday to stay on track for next week.

January 12
1) Today is Ian's birthday, and he's here to celebrate it (sort of).
2) Wall-E's approach to sound is pretty neat.
3) I took a long, very hot bath tonight.

January 13
1) Hot showers are so great.
2) I started this morning with sun salutations.
3) I finally baked some bread.

January 14
1) My soup turned out amazing.
2) I finished my handspun cowl.
3) Ian's birthday gift is amazing.

January 15
1) I bonded with Ian's family in frustration over him.
2) Persona's gender nonconforming character.
3) Arrow has lesbians for no reason.

January 16
1) I slept nearly 12 straight hours.
2) Percy and I went for a nice walk.
3) I'm making great progress on Flow Ripple

January 17
1) Ian made it home safely.
2) Ever's special music was gorgeous.
3) Music with Rayne and his friend Cale.

January 18
1) I finished the first row of my blanket.
2) Cranberry white chocolate muffins.
3) I'm redacting this one because it's too personal to share.

Hopefully next Monday I can get right back on schedule!

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