Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday!

In order to make it easier to post every day, I've come up with some elements to add to each day's post.  Having some regular content will help me have enough to say, and give some regularity to my posts.  Here's what I'm thinking.

Sundays will be Resolutions, where I review what I've resolved to do this month or year, and how I'm doing with them.  Having regular reviews will probably help me get more things done!

Mondays will continue to be 3 Good Things.  It's a good bit of positivity for what tends to be a bad day.

Tuesdays is going to be a food thing, which I don't yet have a title for.  (I'm contemplating "Tasty Treats, but that sounds like either dog food or dessert.)  Essentially I'm going to post something I made for myself in the last week that I really liked.  I'll for sure either post or link to the recipes so you can all make them for yourselves!

Wednesday will be Works In Progress.  Mostly fiber projects, but other things can also make an appearance like books I'm reading.

Thursdays are going to be Showcase.  This is strictly fiber-related, where I show off crafts done by friends or even perfect strangers (I'll ask first, obviously).  Essentially, if it strikes my fancy, I'll put it up.  (This will probably also give those people some publicity, which the ones with blogs or charities would appreciate.)

Fridays will be Victory days!  This is like FO Friday, but more inclusive.  Anything I consider a victory can be added to this one.

Saturdays are going to be Adulting Blanket days.  A nice overview of the squares I've made in the past week.  It'll give some great color combinations, at the very least!

Now that we've talked about this, let's move on to today's element, Works In Progress!

This is my current important Work In Progress.  It's a teddy bear.  It is, as you can see, not done yet.  This is a huge problem.

Today is my little brother M's fifteenth birthday.  On everyone's fifteenth birthday, I make them a teddy bear.  It's a bit of a tradition, and he's been looking forward to getting his for something like three to four years.  So it makes me a bit of a bad sister for not having it done on time.  I showed him the pieces though, and he got super excited by the striping patterns and the colorway.  So I'm going to spend the rest of the evening (and probably most of tomorrow) diligently sewing the poor darling up so she'll be done by tomorrow night.

I picked a desert camouflage style because M really likes camo and has a regular green camo teddy bear from Build-A-Bear.  Because of the weird tradition that the girls all have boy teddy bears and the boys all have girl teddy bears, I should probably have picked up the pink camo instead of the browns, but I couldn't find the pink.  Oh well!  It's probably less prone to mockery.

I should probably get back to it.  Hopefully by Friday I'll have a picture of this sucker finished to add to my column of victories!

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