Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014 In Spinning (And Dyeing)

This one's coming in a little late and I apologize, but it's been sort of a long day.  I'm actually sitting in the living room of my aunt's house watching Mulan (which we just realized is about gender dysphoria and explicitly mentions cross-dressing and drag shows!) and we haven't gone to bed yet so it counts for today -- er, yesterday.

Anyway.  The last part of my review for the last year is in spinning and dyeing, which are usually pretty similar.  In fact there's only two exceptions where I dyed yarn (one for me; one for someone else).

Shall we get started?

Falling Ungulates

This was the dyeing part...

And here's the spinning!

This was all done in February for the Ravellenic Games.  I named it Falling Ungulates because of the events it was for -- Flying Camel Spin and Downhill Dyeing.  I knit it up as well, but the pattern wasn't working.  You may recall the hat from the knitting wrap-up.  That's this stuff.
Lace Rainbow

Apparently I did these last year!  They're part of an ongoing project I'm calling Lace Rainbow, where I basically play around with different colors, dyeing techniques, and spinning techniques.  The top one is just a turquoise I spun to test my new mini Turkish spindle.  The second I dyed in fiber chunks and then spun in small sections.  The real fun began in the plying, where it formed cool stripes.  I'm definitely replicating this later on a pair of socks if I ever manage to spin for one.  The last was an attempt at splitting purple dye, which only sort of worked.

TdF Fractal

This was my project for the Tour de Fleece.  It was only 1.2 ounces of fiber, which a lot of people spun in a day, but it came out to 435 yards.  This was a dye job as well as a very careful fractal spinning job.  The colors are just pink, yellow, green, and blue, but they're very carefully matched up to produce one of each combination possible.

Irish Roots

This is a really washed out picture of what ended up looking very different later (brighter and more yellow-y).  I dyed this toward the end of 2013, but then I redyed it in 2014 for the Ravellenic Games to knit into those socks.

Self-Striping Thing!

These are mini-skeins, 25g each, of fingering weight yarn.  I self-striped them into red, orange, blue, and purple sections by wrapping them around chairs.  It was basically food coloring and vinegar in a pot.  It took forever but it was a lot of fun.  It was for a friend of mine and I can't wait to see if she manages ankle socks from them.  Or what they look like!  I hope they stripe properly.

Well that's the end of my 2014 project review!  Hopefully I have more and better things to say next year.

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