Resolutions Monthly

On Ravelry we have a group called Resolutions Monthly where we create a list of goals for each month, since yearly resolutions rarely pan out.  It's been a lot of fun, and productive too.

This page is admittedly mostly for my records, but you're welcome to use it as well, to browse my past resolutions and see all the productivity it has inspired.

New Year 2015
2015 Resolutions (And 2014 Wrap-Up)

July 2014
Summer Fun Bingo, Part Two (Resolutions For July)

June 2014
Summer Fun Bingo, Or, Resolutions For June
Resolution Wrap-Up Plus 3 Good Things

January 2014
Resolutions, Part Two: January
You Actually Wanted To Do Stuff?
Contrary To Appearances

New Year 2014
Be A Better Human Being This Year!
2015 Resolutions (And 2014 Wrap-Up)

December 2013
And We're Back!
Happy Birthday!

October 2013
Wait, It's October?
What Just Happened?

September 2013
Balancing Act
Stuff Is Getting Done!
And Now Playing Catch-Up

August 2013
Resolutions for August
The Month Of "In Progress"
Two-Thirds Is Good

July 2013
July Resolutions
Mid-Month Update
Final Tally

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