Project Archive

I know some of you probably aren't on Ravelry, and don't have access to the nice list of blog posts pertaining to each of my projects.  So for those of you who wish to go back and see the progression, I'm compiling the list here.  Click the project name to be taken to its Ravelry project page, and each link underneath to be taken to that blog post.


Little Mischief
Still Not Behaving
The Mischief Is Over!

Octuple Rainbow
Something To Snuggle With
We All Know Seaming Is Terrible
Mirror Mirror
Multiplying Spiral


Colorwork Teddy
My Swatch Is Called An Arm

Earth Science Hat
Math, And The Doing Of It
Finally Off My Needles!
And I Took Lots Of Pictures

The Final Project
Krissie and Maxwell


Storied Color
Storied Color
Coolest Thing

Bunny Fluff

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