Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Hate Sewing

I can thread a needle in under a minute (sometimes on the first try). I can sew whipstitch, running stitch, and backstitch like any beginner. I make small, even stitches that usually remain in a straight line. But I hate sewing. The action. The process.

I do love the product, though. I love turning the bag right-side-out and seeing that beautiful seam. That's one reason I sew.

Another reason is to keep my skills sharp. I appreciate that I am able to do things like sew on a button or sew up a rip (hello, bag whose handles started to tear out!), and I want to retain that information. It's a useful skill, and one I hope to pass on to my children. Basic sewing skills are important, even with all the machines and WalMarts and whatever else.

The lining for the Twin Quilt Block Purses will fit, thankfully. I've sewn up the sides of one. Now I have to do the other, sew in the pockets, and stitch them into the bags. I also need to figure out where and how to attach the handles. Once all those things are done, they should be finished! and I can find some way to get them to the girls.

Yay, sewn things! Boo, sewing.

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  1. I hate hand sewing. I think it's why I originally took to machine sewing. I keep thinking I'll sew that button back on that shirt with a needle and thread but if I can do it with my machine, that's what I'll do, otherwise, it sits in the basket. Of course, now I hardly get my machine out so the basket is getting rather full.


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