Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Flash Your Stash 2015

I'm on time this year!  Look at me!  Hooray!

So a brief explanation of what this is for those of you joining me for the first time this year.  Every year there is a thread on Ravelry called Flash Your Stash where everyone pulls out their stash and takes pictures.  It can be great fun to watch stashes develop and change over time.  It can also be funny to see just how much yarn other people have.  It covers king-size beds, entire rooms of floor space, shelves everywhere... it's great.

I've participated the last two years, as I mentioned before.  If you'd like to see my meager beginnings, check out 2013.  For a more in-depth tour of a much bigger stash, pop over to 2014.  And to see where I am now, just keep scrolling.

So obviously I totally failed in my "have less stash next year" wishful thinking.  Eheh.  I had to actually stack things.  Geez.  Well, let's see what we have.

Projects in progress!  The pyramid is the Flow Ripple.  The stacks immediately to the right are the Year Of Adulting Blanket.  The terrifying red lump in front of that is Cherry Field (which I hope to finish by the end of this month).  The brown/red/pink bulky yarns to the left of that are being used for a stack of newborn hats I intend to donate somewhere.  There's a jumble of wool to the left of that covered by the single one of the Drive-Thru Mitts I made (the other will follow; promise).  The red to the left of that is for Kick Off The New Year (which, incidentally, I need to swatch for on different needles so I can get better finished sock dimensions than I'd get with my 2s).  The tan and green behind it is for my brother M's Itty Bitty Turtle NINJAS (which I really need to finish because I started them almost a year ago).

Projects-To-Be!  The yarn in the top bag will be baby sweaters.  The yarn in the bottom bag was supposed to be used for a baby blanket but I may be rethinking that.  All the stuff to the left of the bags is sock yarn for 12 Socks In 12 Months.  The two balls stacked to the right are for a winter set for me (hat, mittens, and cowl hopefully; I am tiny and confident).  The ball in front of them is from my Secret Santa gift from Resolutions Monthly, and I think I'm going to make an itty-bitty baby dress (because I like baby things).

Spinning and dyeing!  The orange in the top right is Colorplay and I still don't know what I'm going to do with it.  The pile of colors to the left is the TdF Fractal, and I still don't know what I'm going to do with it.  The stuff to the left of that is all acrylic I was messing around with.  The brown stuff is the angora (yes; I know, the only progress from last year is that I dyed it -- I promise I'm making the hat in the next few months!).  The two skeins, butterfly, and braid of fiber below the acrylic is an experiment in laceweight and dyeing.  Below that are three more braids of fiber (which I bought in 2013, for crying out loud; I'm good at hanging on to things), the silk I'm still afraid to spin (although I'm going to do that this year), the other two ounces of angora, and blue angelina.  The colorful pile sitting in its lonely way to the right is dyed yarn from making the Earth Science Hat.

My entire stock of Caron Simply Soft, running down the center here in a nice rainbow.

All my Red Heart yarns in a weird rainbow.  Probably won't use all of those together.

Bits, bobs, and mystery yarns.  This is legitimately "scraps".

Dishcloth cotton I still haven't touched.

Yarn my mother used to knit part of a sweater when she was in high school.  I can't seem to get rid of this stuff.  It goes together and with nothing else (in my head, that is).

Crochet thread I don't know what to do with.

Yarn that came with my plastic weaving loom when I was a kid.  I have no idea why this is still around.  Like I said, I'm good at hanging onto stuff.

So I think I'm adding a resolution to my 2015 New Year Resolutions:  Make sure more yarn is going out than is coming in.  I'd like to seriously reduce this stash.

I don't know how I'll be able to cram it all back into my Stash Tower, to be honest.

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