Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Resolution Wrap-Up

Well, I don't have all the right pictures for my Adulting Blanket at this particular moment.  But January ended on a Saturday so it makes sense for me to wrap up my January Resolutions and start in with February's resolutions tomorrow.

I did okay-ish in my resolutions this month.  I think next month will consist of a lot more smaller goals so I have things to triumphantly check off a lot more often.  It's way more satisfying than slogging through some of the bigger ones.

1. Read Death of a Salesman and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Successful!  It helps that these were both really short.  Sleepy Hollow is only about 70 pages, and Salesman is two acts plus a bit of an epilogue.  Both were enormously quick reads that gave me some short-term success for very little investment.  It feels good to have started off the year with an accomplishment like that.

2. Make 32 squares for the Year Of Adulting Blanket
Successful!  There are currently 32 neat little boxes of happiness (and sadness, and frustration, and any other emotion that comes to mind) bouncing their chaotic color all over the place.  I'm a little behind on the journaling thing, but I think I can still catch up.  I hope to get some of that done tomorrow.  I'm really excited about this journey.

3. Knit Kick Off The New Year Socks
I'm calling this a partial success.  They are being knitted.  I'm almost to the end of the foot, then I'll have the heel turn and then it's just knit leg until I run out of yarn or determine things are getting ridiculous.  I hope to finish them the first week of February so I can devote the other three weeks to my second pair of socks.  After finishing an entire pair in the 2014 Ravellenic Games, I'm not worried about my ability to do that.

4. Participate in Flash Your Stash 2015
Successful!  I got this done in a timely manner and I'm so proud of myself for it.  That's a first for me.

5. Finish M's birthday gifts
Partial success.  The teddy bear is done, but the fingerless mitts are nowhere near completion.  I need to finish the test mitt before I can even start on the real ones.  But the teddy bear is done!  And that was always the most important part.

6. Seventeen rows on Flow Ripple
Partial success.  I'm up to row 14, so that means I did ten rows this month.  Not exactly my goal, but I'm making progress.  Hopefully I'm able to pick up the pace in February.

So that's January.  Three of my goals were unqualified successes, and the other three were partial successes because parts of them did get done.  Smaller, more numerous February resolutions to follow tomorrow!

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