Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sock Update

These are the socks.

They are lovely socks.  They are soft, and the cables are fun, and the colors are amazing.

Right now, I do not like the socks.  You want to know why I don't like the socks?  Let's make a list.


1. The toes are too long.  Like, waaaaaaaay too long.  Sock toes are supposed to just cover the top of my little toe.  These freaking sock toes come down to the base of my toes!  They are way too long and it's very frustrating.  I kind of want to frog them back and do them again, but I don't have time.

2. The outside cables are backwards.  Somehow instead of doing chart A, then the double chart, then chart B, I ended up doing chart B - double chart - chart A.  I decided not to care so that I didn't have to drop and reknit stitches.

3. The double wave cable isn't written as a mirrored design.  Both socks are intended to be identical.  I fixed this problem, so the socks are mirrored (as you can see), but it still irritates me that I have to think very carefully about it every round.

4. The foot part isn't done.  I got behind in Clue #2, to the point where Clue #3 came out when I had only done five rounds.  Oops?  I'm now over halfway through the chart and because I have small feet I don't think I'll need to do any more than that, but we'll see.

Mostly, I'm irritated by the goshdarn hilariously clownish toes.  Ugh.  Never again.

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