Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Joined Rounds

I will get back to this and make it a real post. For now, look at these pictures!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Flash Your Stash 2013

Flash Your Stash is a Ravelry thing. There's an annual thread where members post and explain pictures of their yarn stashes, usually covering large expanses of floor or king-size beds. If they've participated in past years, sometimes they'll link back to previous Flashes, allowing others to watch their stashes develop (or mutate, as the case may be).

I did not participate last year, since I didn't really have a stash last year. This year I sort of do, and I have the storage for it, so I decided to join in. I reorganized my stash, and while it was all on the floor I photographed it. So here it is:

Well That's Encouraging?

While surfing the Ravelry forums today, I happened upon a statement that made me laugh, then pause:

Friday, March 1, 2013

Sock Ramblings

Yes, I knit as well. I actually dabbled in it before I took up crochet, but only enough to make a garter-stitch teddy bear and an iPod case that turned out too big. Only after I became proficient in crochet did I pick up the knitting needles again, and then things really took off.

Eventually I decided I wanted to make socks. At a Shakespeare reading I found myself next to a woman knitting a sock on DPNs (Double Pointed Needles), and mentioned I was considering getting a set of DPNs to learn sock knitting. Instantly she answered, "Get circulars. Knitting on double points is like wrestling an angry porcupine. The only reason I'm doing this is I don't have size 0 circulars." I laughed along, and privately determined then and there that I was going to learn to use DPNs.

A few days before I bought the needles, I picked up a skein of Serenity Sock Weight yarn from Jo-Ann, 50g of squishy sock goodness. Then I went to Walmart and bought a set of five size 2 double points. They are gold and shiny and I love them.

Since then, I have made three socks.