Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Earth Science Hat: Math, And The Doing Of It

A couple weeks ago, my geology professor walked through the seating area of the science building and saw me knitting.  "Are you making me an Earth Science hat?" he asked quite cheerfully.  Normally when people ask if I'm making them something, I don't respond with anything more than a weak smile (if that).  But he was so cheerful and the question was so odd that I grinned and said I was not; it was a sock.  "A challenge!" he returned with a smile.

So of course I determined right then and there that I was going to make an "Earth Science hat", whatever that meant.  Obviously this wasn't something I would be able to find on Ravelry (Ravelry member link only), meaning I would have to design it myself.  What an overwhelming challenge.  Design something worthy to be called an Earth Science hat (rather than a Tectonic Plates hat or Rock Cycle hat)?  Yikes.

It was difficult.  I knew what I wanted to put on it, eventually, and it was still difficult.  Getting tectonic plates to move the right directions, smash into each other correctly, show off enough diversity.  Making it look right was probably the hardest part.  But I did succeed.  Apparently, an Earth Science hat looks like this:

Friday, October 18, 2013

Octuple Rainbow: Mirror Mirror

My progress on this poor darling sort of... completely stopped when I started college.  I just didn't make time for it.  Which is terrible, because it means now I'm supposed to be finished with the third quarter and into the fourth, and well... I'm not.

Not the fourth quarter
However, I did finish the second quarter the day before classes began.  And there are some excellent pictures.  Do you want to see?

Monday, October 7, 2013

October Resolutions: Wait, It's October?

So October kind of crept up on me this year.  Either the end of September was a lot shorter than usual, or I just wasn't paying attention.  Which one of these things is more likely?

So I guess I should make some resolutions for the remainder of the month.  Or something.  Uh...

I'm super out of it.  Let's see how this goes.  As always, Ravelers should feel free to join us at Resolutions Monthly.  (I encourage everyone else to start a monthly resolution trend on a blog, Facebook page, or even comments here!)