Sunday, January 18, 2015

One Full Row

Yes!  It's the 18th!  That means I have one full row finished of my Year of Adulting Blanket!

I did my last square of the row today while having coffee with my dad, which brings me up to my full width.  It's wide enough to sit on my bed with about 6 inches (2 squares) off each side, so basically just perfect.  It's too bad it won't be long enough for a bed blanket by any means, but it's not really meant to be one anyway so that's fine.

Notice my neon-green-sock-clad foot in there for scale -- although my foot is a US size 7 at best, so don't be too impressed by the size of those squares.

I took a few closer-up pictures too, of each week's progress.  Obviously eighteen divided by seven isn't a round number, but you get the gist of it:

I picked up a few new colors on the 8th, as you can see from the fact that those colors are not at all in the first week.

There's a few notable color combinations in here.  For example:

January 4, the middle square in the first picture, looks like a milk snake.  Remember the old rhyme?  Red next to yellow will kill a fellow, but red next to black is a friend of Jack.  Yeah, this square is a friend of Jack.

January 10th, which is the third square in the second picture, is very patriotic -- to the US, or France, or Texas, or the United Kingdom, or Australia, or any of the other numerous countries whose flag contains those three colors!

January 12th, which is the fifth square in the second picture, is the square for which my boyfriend chose the colors.  You may recall I talked about this.  I'm surprised that the square fits in, but I guess anything goes with this blanket.

And of course January 18th, the last square in the third picture, looks either like Christmas or Italian patriotism.  This random number selection made me laugh out loud.


Today I picked up our small dog, Percy, and put his front paws up on my shoulder so he'd stop straining his little paws into my forearm.  He promptly scrambled up higher onto my back, so I leaned forward to counterbalance him.  We ended up doing this little dance that ended with me walking around with him draped across my shoulders like a feather boa.  He didn't seem uncomfortable, even if I wasn't supporting his paws as shown here.

I think I may have to teach him to do this on command.  It makes me laugh.

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