Friday, November 22, 2013

The Final Project: Penny

I got up this morning to temperatures near freezing, a sky embraced by a soft grey sheet of clouds sprinkling tiny frozen droplets into my hair, and a brisk wind nudging me into the Fine Arts hall on campus.  My very favorite type of weather, nipping and teasing, weather with its claws sheathed ready to play.

I came home after class with tingling toes and ice-cold fingers because my dad's car has given up on heating and I'd forgotten to bring gloves.  After an hour of washing dishes and watching an episode of The Universe on 10 Ways To Destroy Planet Earth (Warning: Only watch if you're okay with your brain exploding at about 36 minutes in, and that's if you have some scientific background!), I was sufficiently warm enough to return to my room.

What greeted me was quite a pitiful sight.  A new volunteer for The Final Project had made her way to my house overnight, and had been sitting on my windowsill all morning, shivering in the cold and dripping with near-freezing rain.  Of course I let her in immediately, apologized profusely, and gave her a few minutes under my blow-drier to warm her up and dry her off.

With her feathers once again fluffy and her eyes bright, she's ready for her shining moment.  Introducing...

Although apparently her given name is Penelope, she prefers a shorter, cuter name.  Penny is a beach girl from her teal toes to the tips of her dark blue ears, and this cold weather is definitely not for her.  It makes her yellow beak chatter and freezes the petals of the shiny purple flower she keeps tucked in her feathers. She flew in expecting the weather to be a little warmer and a lot sunnier, but she's happy to wait out the weather and looks forward to her great adventure.  Never one to back down from a challenge, Penny is ready to ship out and help add a little salty sunshine to a new friend's study session.

Penny wants to know what kind of weather you're experiencing this week!  Why don't you leave her a comment and let her know?

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  1. cold and rainy.
    Although I won't complain it could be worse


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