Sunday, January 25, 2015

Making A Sort Of Progress, And Other Nonsense

Last night I slept on the couch because my room is also the guest room for lone guests, and my grandmother was here.  I really dislike sleeping on the couch.  My hair is always a rat's nest in the morning and all my bones creak and click when I get up.  It's very weird.

I went to see a play today.  Well, actually I went to see a staged reading of a Shakespeare play, where there's very little in the way of sets, props, or costuming and everyone carries a script.  They're usually a lot of fun but I think I'm going to have to start reading the synopsis before attending because these history plays are absolutely killing me.

Today's production was Henry IV, Part I, and I understand it way more now after reading the Wikipedia synopsis than I did at any point in three hours of watching it.  Apparently that scene at the beginning was a fight over prisoners and the former ally of the king decided to depose him.  Just knowing that makes the whole thing make a lot of sense.  I really disliked the comic relief character, which is a bad thing because he evidently gets a much bigger part in Part II, as well as another of Shakespeare's plays.  Something to steel myself for.

In the area of Adulting I did something very successful today.  I got hopelessly lost.

I've been going to these readings for several years.  I've been driving myself to them for several months.  So I reasoned that I didn't need a map this time because I should be familiar with the way at this point.  And yet, I got to downtown Dallas and I got hopelessly, miserably lost.  I had absolutely no idea where I was, or where the arts center was, or where anything was.  I drove around for fifteen minutes, reasoning that I was at least within a few blocks of it (I knew I had the right highway exit, more or less) and I should be able to find it without calling someone with access to GPS to figure out what I was doing wrong.  I eventually found a street I recognized and followed it until I found another street I recognized and followed that until I knew where I was again and could locate the parking garage.  I was two minutes late for the introduction to the play and had to sit in the back.  For a woman used to front row seats (It's general admission; I try to be first in line), this was bad.

Anyway!  All's well that ends well (points for Shakespeare reference), and I successfully did an adult thing.  Now, let's see how I'm doing in Resolutions, with only one week left.

1. Read Death of a Salesman and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
I have made no progress on this since my last update.  I still have Death of a Salesman on my nightstand, and I still have not opened it.

2. Make 32 squares for the Year Of Adulting Blanket
Making steady progress, with 25 completed squares.  This should be no problem (knock on wood).

3. Knit Kick Off The New Year Socks
I am starting to hate these socks, but they are progressing.  I'm still partway through Clue #2 though, so I'm a little nervous of my ability to finish them in time.  Fingers crossed?  I'll start bringing them to school.

4. Participate in Flash Your Stash 2015
This was already done.  Go me!

5.  Finish Matthew's birthday gifts
Um.  Yeah.  No.  I haven't even started on the gloves and I've only sewn up one arm.  This is a tomorrow project.

6. 17 rows on Flow Ripple
I'm about halfway through my 14th total row, which means I have about seven more to go.  I can probably do this?

Things are sort of progressing, but it'll be quite a chore to get everything done.  I'm hopeful, though.

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