Monday, January 5, 2015

Whiplash Day and January Resolutions

So I've dubbed today Whiplash Day.  I got a call from my manager this morning informing me that he was not going to keep me because he'd had more resignations and needed full-time workers.  So three days of training pretty much wasted.

I spent most of the afternoon watching Once Upon A Time with my mom.  Then I got an email from the library where I volunteered all through high school requesting that I call to set up an interview for the page position I'd applied for early in December.  So I have an interview for that on Thursday.

At about five -- when I should have been going to the shop for training -- I messaged Ian to ask "If I wanted to go out and do something tonight, would you have any ideas?  I don't want food, I don't want to see any more movies, and it's too cold to be outside.  This basically exhausts my ideas of what to do with myself."  He offered to find some live music, picked me up (for which I felt guilty later when I realized I could have driven to his house), and took me downtown to a coffee shop that I swear is in a basement.  Where we discovered that a friend of his was playing that night at that particular shop.  Ian had gone to see a show of his last night.  It was great.  I enjoyed myself in the quiet sort of way that comes from just listening to good music for a while.

So!  That's been my day.  Ready to see my month?  I have six resolutions this month, and five of them are yarn-related.

1. Read Death of a Salesman and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The first month of my 2015 MERaT is Short Stories And Plays.  The two I picked were Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, which is a play, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, which is a short story.  I know nothing about the first and have only a vague idea what the second is about, so this should be a fun experience for me.  Starting the year with a few quicker reads is a good plan too, to get me off to a strong start.

2. Make 32 squares for the Year Of Adulting Blanket
January's squares will fill up nearly two rows of this blanket, so it'll basically be just a really awkward scarf (or, as I've decided to call it, a "blarf" -- blanket in an awkward scarf-like stage).  It'll also let me know approximately what the width is going to be.

3. Knit Kick Off The New Year Socks
Yay, I'm excited about these!  Not only are they my first pair of socks for the 12 Socks In 12 Months, but they're my first MKAL ever.  Plus, they count toward the Knit For Yourself Along in Resolutions Monthly.

4. Participate in Flash Your Stash 2015
I did this in March of 2013 and took pictures in January 2014 but didn't post them until June, so this year I'm going to get it done in January.  All of it.  (I hope to post tomorrow.)

5.  Finish M's birthday gifts
My brother M is turning fifteen this month which means I get to make him a teddy bear.  The knitting's all done on that but I need to sew and stuff it.  Plus, I'm making surprise fingerless mitts that match (I'm actually claiming to make them in a different color and measuring and everything, but I'll surprise him with the real ones on his birthday.)

6. 17 ripples on Flow Ripple
This is my other brother T's graduation gift, and to get it done by May requires doing 17 ripples each month.  This is 34 rows, so kind of a stretch, but I think I can do it.  I've done one and a bit today alone.

So, that's January.  Hopefully tomorrow turns out better than today.  I'm going roller skating.  I'll probably fall down.

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