Monday, January 12, 2015

Kiss A Ginger Day (And 3GT)

Did you know January 12th is Kiss A Ginger Day?  I learned this today, and it made me laugh.  I'm a redhead by choice, which I call "ginger with maintenance" for giggles.  And my boyfriend is a natural ginger, though it's intermittently fading to blonde.  It's not a really good color for him and I keep contemplating suggesting he get in on the whole henna thing.  (I don't think he will.)

Anyway, the other thing it is today is said boyfriend's birthday, which is just extremely appropriate and ironic.  I find it absolutely hilarious.  (Although my mention of it on Facebook makes no sense, since he accidentally put his birthday in wrong and has never bothered to change it, so pretty much everyone he knows thinks his birthday was a few days ago.)

Because it was his birthday, I said he could pick the colors for today's square in my Year Of Adulting blanket, if he liked.  He was very excited about the prospect.  His options were to pick the colors themselves, or to pick three numbers (1-15 inclusive) and let the system I set up pick the colors for him.  Being a geeky sort of person he opted for the numbers, and chose the numbers 6,7, and 15.

This came out to Red, Grape, Ocean.  I started giggling like mad and informed him that he had chosen a red and a purple, which are (as you may recall from the Friendship Star) our colors.  He rather proudly asserted that he was "too good", a sentiment with which I readily agreed.

So today's square looks like this:

And I am quite pleased.  I'll show it to him when I visit tomorrow, and we'll see how he likes it.


I think I'm going to start doing my 3 Good Things posts on Mondays, sort of brighten up the usually gloomy day with some Good Things.  This means today's post will be a bit shorter than most, but we'll be right back on schedule next week with a full batch of 7 days.

January 7
1) I slept for eleven and a half hours.
2) Rayne and I got through 8 episodes of Persona tonight.
3) I've kept up with all my resolutions for an entire week!

January 8
1) I picked up five more colors for the Adulting blanket.
2) I made coffee cake in a mug for breakfast.
3) I made sleepover plans for this weekend with Stephanie.

January 9
1) We took a field trip to the aquarium.
2) I'm halfway through a row of my blanket!
3) I read all of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

January 10
1) Mulan is about gender dysphoria
2) I got roped into singing in the Fun Show
3) Double bass is a cool instrument

January 11
1) Mythbusters came back even cooler
2) Fried stuff with cheese
3) I've used all of my fifteen colors for the YoA blanket

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