Monday, January 26, 2015

Sex Class And 3GT

My Monday night class is a psychology/sociology course called Human Sexuality, and tonight was my first night.  Holy cow, am I going to love this class.

The teacher is funny, sarcastic, and very chill about everything -- including the fact that he routinely annoys the professors of neighboring classes by talking about sex while they're trying to teach math or English or other innocuous subjects.  The students were all there and most of them seemed comfortable.  There are plenty of students there because they're majoring in psychology and practically have to take it, so those are the ones to be wary of, but as a general rule I think we should be okay.

It's a hybrid class, which means it only meets every other week on average (out of the 15 Mondays in the semester, we'll be meeting on 8 and staying home for 7).  This probably means better discussions where the two or three other too-comfortable people and I don't totally dominate -- although I have some mad typing skills and don't mind long responses so I'll probably dominate anyway.

In the interest of not squicking out or boring my readers (or reader, as the case probably is), I'll likely not talk too much about this particular class.  I'll try to limit myself to long discussions with Ian and some of my more open-minded friends!

And now, time for the return of my weekly series, 3 Good Things!  This list is for January 19 - January 25, so Monday-Sunday.  It's confusing because I can fit an entire week on one page, but my week starts on Thursday because New Year was on a Thursday, so I'm basically doing halfway through one page to halfway through the next page.  It's kind of awkward, but I like adding the positivity to my Mondays, so we're sticking with it.
January 19
1) I walked for 45 minutes today. [And subsequently misplaced my iPod and earbuds; I have no idea where they are still.]
2) It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside.
3) I found the English notes I needed from last fall, so I'll not disappoint Grooms tomorrow!

January 20
1) My yoga class is going to be awesome.
2) V is in my math class. [She was also in my previous math class, and I like her.]
3) Ian says I'll be of use for editing papers for a class he has this semester that sounds cool.

January 21
1) I got some extra sleep this morning.
2) I found all my yoga supplies, and these leggings make me look fabulous.
3) I made awesome mac-n-cheese stuff.

January 22
1) Yoga is the literal nicest thing. [You may be able to tell I'm obsessed.]
2) Brussels sprouts mac-n-cheese. <3
3) I listened in on T's book club.

January 23
1) Portal cake.  Good Portal cake.  [It's basically a Black Forest cake with very specific aesthetic requirements.]
2) T liked his birthday present. [I told him I'd watch Lord of the Rings with him as long as we played LotR movie bingo.]
3) I feel good about my decision not to sing tomorrow.

January 24
1) I got to snuggle a baby girl.
2) Dad recited "The Man From Snowy River"! [In his perfect Australian accent, I might add.]
3) N and I are kind of friends now. [The lead vocalist from the "Fun" Show story.]

January 25
1) I managed to get myself unlost.
2) I have sort of met Ian's clean-freak roommate.
3) Gas is still under $2/gal. Filling my car is kind of a pleasure.

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