Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Resolutions (And 2014 Wrap-Up)

Okay, so I didn't do so well with my resolutions last year.  Partially because I fell off the blogosphere, and partially because I stopped resolving to Do Things and that meant I stopped Doing Things.  Let's give them a look anyway.

1) Get a job
Ironically, I actually got this one done.  On December 30, I was hired as a barista at Saxbys Coffee immediately after the interview.  I'm still feeling surreal about this.

2) Get into a schedule
I failed miserably at this.  It's preposterous how unscheduled I am.  I sometimes go to bed at 3 in the morning.

3) Find and apply to university for the 2015-16 school year
This only... half happened?  I have applications in progress but they are not finished by any means.

4) Complete C25K and begin running regularly
This was such a laughable failure.  I think I started it three times last year, for an overall total of like... five.

5) Read at least 24 books
I have no idea, honestly.  I suspect I managed to do this one because of my December "Whee, finals are over and I can read again!" library hauls, but I can't honestly say.

So that's one, maybe two I did.  One I made some progress, and two I didn't do even a little bit.  Oh well!

Onward and upward!  Here are my resolutions for 2015 (at least some of them -- there may be more.)

1) Keep up with 3 Good Things all year
This was such a positive part of my life while I was doing it, and I'd like to keep that positivity.  I have a designated notebook for this endeavor.

2) Exercise for at least 10 minutes each day
If I do this (and I will), it'll be over an hour a week of some sort of activity.  I'm counting work as exercise because I stand, walk, and run for 3-6 hours at a time and that seems like it should count for 10 minutes of exercise.  I'll also count yoga, which I'll [hopefully] be taking this semester.
a. Bonus points for actually completing C25K this year
            As it gets warmer I'll do more outside activities like walking the dog, and eventually if I feel up to it I might give C25K another shot.  It's not a requirement (but it would make my boyfriend happy/surprised)
3) Put up one blog post a day
As you can see, I've already started on this one.  I figure surely I can come up with things to say every day, even if it's just an update on my projects.

4) Complete my Year Of Adulting Blanket and accompanying journal
I'm excited about this one.  I've talked about it before here, so suffice to say it's a physical, squooshy way to record a year of my life and I'm looking forward to it.

5) Read all 24 of my MERaT books
I talked about this yesterday, and how I have a better organization plan than I have before and feel pretty good about this one.

6) Knit 12 pairs of socks
Yay!  It's 12 Socks in 12 Months!  I'm also super excited about this one.  The goal is to make 12 pairs of fingering-weight socks, one every month.  This was originally going to be my 2015 Year-Long Project, but it ended up taking a backseat to the aforementioned blanket.  No matter.  I'm still going to stock my sock drawer.

As with last year's set, these resolutions may not be deleted, but they may be edited and added to.   (In other words, I can change resolutions 1-6 and I can add more, but I can't remove any resolution entirely once it's set.)  I think I have a better shot this year than I did last year, just because of how I set them up and what I set.  We'll see, anyway.

What are your resolutions for this year?

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