Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Globes

I don't have too much to say today!

Tonight is the Golden Globes and I'm sitting in the gameroom with my mother, grandmother, and aunt listening to them watch the end.  They're being very loud and my mom is doing a lot of giggling, which is probably good for her.  My aunt is wearing my mom's sweater and plastic Mardi Gras beads, while her voice alternates between very shrill and very calm.  My grandmother is quiet and happy as usual.  (I keep pausing to admire pretty people and enjoy the fact that I know a lot of their names.)

I'm staying with my aunt tonight as well because my grandmother is staying in my room another night.  Thanks to the Golden Globes we have a bunch of movies to watch, so we'll probably watch one tonight and another tomorrow.  (Aunt is squealing.)  It'll give me time to work on her sprites.  Have I shown you her sprites?  Here.

I apologize for the terrible picture.  Left to right these guys are Water, Air, Earth, and Fire.  Fire is the only one truly finished.  Water is mostly finished (all her hair is done; I just need to finish her dress).  Air and Earth need major help.  The only hair they have is outlines, so I'm filling in their scalps slowly.  The dresses need to be ripped and reworked because they are so not the right size or shape.  But they're cute, and I'm mostly happy with them.

Aunt says we need to go home now.  She doesn't have a car and I do (yay!  It was recently fixed; I haven't had it for a month) so I'm driving.  I guess I'm signing off!

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