Wednesday, January 7, 2015

MKAL Clue #1 And The Return Of 3 Good Things

My MKAL has officially started!  Ahh!

As you may be able to tell, I'm a little too excited about this.  The thrill of mystery and all that.

So my first swatch on my 2.75mm (US2) needles turned out with 8.5 stitches per inch, which is pretty common for me.  I did the math for the size of the socks and figured out that the small would be 6.5 inches and the medium would be 7.5 inches.  I need about 7.2, so neither of those would work.  Thankfully, I have 3.25mm (US3) circular needles that I can use to make them two-at-a-time.  That swatch turned out with 8 stitches per inch, which would give me a 7-inch small or an 8-inch medium.  Small it is, I guess.  They'll be a little tight but there's not too much I can do about it.  I needed smaller needles so I could get 9 stitches per inch, which would have been about 7.1 inches, but I don't have any.  So I'm settled.

This week's clue is just the toe portion.  It uses Judy's Magic Cast-On with 8 stitches and increases up to the 56 stitches for the foot, which is a type of toe I've never done before.  It's going to be a challenge with the magic loop two-at-a-time thing going as well.  I'm super excited.  I've already ripped it out once, so hopefully the second round goes better.  I'll be working on it while watching anime with a friend for the next couple hours.

One of my New Year Resolutions was to keep up with 3 Good Things all year, so periodically -- when I don't have enough material for a regular blog post -- I'll be posting [some of] my 3 Good Things.  You obviously don't have to care, but I'd like to share the little bits of positivity I can drag out of my life.  Read on if you're interested.

January 1
1) I am alive for another year.
2) I can pretty much work the drive-thru cash register like a pro.  At least sometimes.
3) I figured out how to purl backwards!

January 2
1) I got a new purse for the first time in years.
2) My randomized colors and self-designed blocks are going to make an awesome blanket.
3) I have my reading list done for MERaT already.

January 3
1) Ian took me out for my birthday/our anniversary dinner, and it was as magical as promised.
2) Ever was so excited to get another wish bracelet.
3) My white jacket is super classy and warm!

January 4
1) I got to see the last Hobbit movie.
2) My teal fingerless mitts will probably work!
3) A Skype date with Ian at 2 in the morning

January 5
1) We got through 6 hours of OUaT
2) Ian took me out for music
3) I have an interview at the library

January 6
1) I only fell down once while roller skating!
2) I got my Flash Your Stash post done already
3) My car is no longer misfiring thanks to Dad

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