Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ravellenic Games Day Two

This year's Ravellenics are off to a good start.  Two of my teammates have already finished their first projects.  I'd like to keep track of how many medals my team earns as a whole, just for the fun of it. So far, we have medals in...

WIPs Dancing (1)
Mitten Moguls (1)
Cable Cross-Country (1)
Single Skein Speed Skate (1)
Stash Skeleton (1)

That's five events my team has medaled in, and it's only the second day!  I'm so proud.

My own projects are coming along nicely as well.  Ready to see some major improvement?

Ta-da!  I managed to knit another thirty rounds.  A lot while in the car for an hour-ish, some while out of the house, and quite a bit during Toy Story and Toy Story 2.  The only mishap was forgetting to cross the cables on round 48, so I had to drop those two columns of four stitches each and cross them before I went on to the next round.  I should only have another 22 rounds to go before the heel turn, if I calculated accurately.  I didn't anticipate being this far along until Monday, so I'm way ahead -- but this is a weekend, and I do have school to take care of the rest of the week.  So I expect to drop back onto schedule at some point.

Here is my lovely Akitla carrying eight grams of delicious Wensleydale.  I spun all of that today; there's orange below that pink and golden yellow below that.  This is half the braid, the half I'm spinning just straight through as one single.  The other half I'll be dividing in half again and spinning through the colors twice in one single.  Fractals!

Don't you just love the shadow that whorl casts?  Mmm...

This yarn is going to be insanely thin.  I'm hoping it'll measure out as laceweight, but I'll be happy if it categorizes as light fingering.  I don't believe it actually looks like this, so I took a picture to prove it:

Just look at how fine that is!  I'm absurdly proud.  I can't wait to see how it turns out, and figure out what on earth I'll do with it.  My dad and youngest brother both suggested a doily.

According to my calculations I'm only a little ahead of schedule, but since I think I spun over half of this single today that would put me far ahead.  We'll see how it works out.  I'm pretty confident.

My brother is on top of his schedule as well.  He went from 3.6% finished to 14.3% finished, just today!  I expected him to be behind from the get-go, but he's already slightly ahead.  Hopefully he can keep up the good work all through the Games.

So it seems like basically everyone is off to a good start.  Here's to keeping it up!

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