Monday, February 2, 2015

What A Day, and 3GT

Today has been long.

I wrote a 400-word response paper for my English teacher, which took way longer than it should have because all my English-class-writing skills are rusty.  Then I stopped at Payless to buy grownup shoes because I need to dress professionally tomorrow (though... I am wearing bright red tights as socks...) only they didn't have them in the right size so I had to go to a different Payless to find them.

When I got home I had to do English class with my youngest brother.  Then it was review-the-terms time for my psychology of sexuality class because we had a quiz on female anatomy.  On my way home I picked up bright red tights at Target and lipstick at Walmart, only to discover that someone with a sense of humor decided to smash the lipstick so now I have to try to return it -- not likely!  Great fun for me.

I have to get up in three hours to get on a bus for Austin, so if there is a post tomorrow it will either be automated or come in after midnight.  Probably the latter.  Apologies in advance.

Because I don't have too much more time to talk, let's hit 3 Good Things real quick before I head to bed.
January 26
1) I made a friend today who reminds me of D except Christian.
2) I am so going to enjoy this sex class.
3) The French lesbian movie Ian wanted me to watch has actually been on my mental list for months.

January 27
1) I got into the education group in government.
2) Today was over 70 degrees (!?!?) [Farenheit; I don't know the Celsius equivalent off the top of my head.]
3) Ian sent me music snippets.

January 28
1) I picked up Lioness Rampant for ten cents.
2) R and I finished Persona 4.
3) I made French toast sticks!

January 29
1) My yoga teacher confirmed my insanely flexible shoulders, small body, and long arms.
2) I finished M's teddy bear!
3) I taught myself "Hallelujah" and "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" on M's new ukulele.

January 30
1) I discovered my cycle is still within the realm of "normal".
2) Ian and I really talked about last year.
3) I can play "Empty My Hands" now!

January 31
1) I finished my first month of YoA blanket!
2) Ian and I Skyped with [a new friend] for a while
3) Ian thinks my ukulele-playing and singing is lovely :3

February 1
1) There are grown-up heels in store for me.
2) E came over for the sport thing.
3) Ravelry hit 5 million users today!

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