Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 Resolutions Update, And February

Want some good news?  We all survived the first month of 2015!  Go us!

Here's some more good news:  A lot of us did a lot of things!  There was a lot of productivity in this first month of 2015, even with a few major setbacks for some people.  Hopefully we all keep up this great momentum all year.

Let's start with a bit of a review of how I'm doing with my 2015 Resolutions, and then we'll start the February Resolutions.

1) Keep up with 3 Good Things all year
I'm doing really well with this one!  I'm a few days behind writing things down (I think I need to write down Friday and Saturday), but I am taking time to think about them every night.  I just don't always have the mental energy to write them down!

2) Exercise for at least 10 minutes each day
This is working out as well (pun unintended).  A lot of my exercise has just been ten to fifteen minutes of basic yoga, but it's definitely making a difference for me already.  This month I'm going to start trying to get some more serious exercise in.

     a) Bonus points for actually completing C25K this year
          I have not started this yet because I don't feel that I'm in shape enough to do even that.  Plus, it
          was January, and that means it was cold.  This is a resolution for spring/summer months, not

3) Put up one blog post a day
This has been happening as well, as long as you consider "day" to be "before I go to bed".  Some of them have been very late, past midnight, but I'm going to work on getting them in earlier as I get more used to my schedule.  Having some weekly elements is going to help that a lot, I think.

4) Complete my Year Of Adulting Blanket and accompanying journal
This is sort of working... and sort of not.  There are 32 squares, which means I'm right on top of things as far as squares go, but I'm a week behind in the journaling.  Hopefully I can catch up this week, and then I'll be right on target again.  That's the goal here!

5) Read all 24 of my MERaT books
I got off to a good start by reading both of my January books.  They were really short though, so that wasn't very challenging.  I'll have to plan a little bit better to do as well with February's books.  More on that in a bit.

6) Knit 12 pairs of socks
I'm so disappointed that I couldn't finish my "January" socks in January.  It just didn't happen this time.  But, I'm confident in my ability to catch up and finish them within a few weeks.  More on this in a minute as well.

7) Make sure more yarn is going out of the house than into it
I'm really not sure how I did on this.  I haven't calculated my yarn usage for January yet.  I'll get back to you.

Looks like I'm making some good progress on the 2015 goals.  Ready to see February's?
1. Finish Kick Off The New Year Socks
I need to finish the last few rows of foot, then turn the heels and knit up the legs.  I need the needles back by Valentine's Day to start Ian's bunny fluff hat, so this is a priority project!
2. Finish Matthew's fingerless mitts
This is the second half of his birthday present. I need to finish my test-for-fit mitt, then knit the real ones.
3. Work at least seventeen rows on Flow Ripple
I'll still be behind if I do this, but at least I'll be the same amount of behind rather than more.  If I do some extra, that's awesome!  But not required.
4. Knit another pair of socks (pattern TBD)
February socks! I have no idea what my plan is yet. I'll let you know.
5. Walk 5K at least five times a week
I intend to set aside an hour a day for walking, and hopefully I can walk 5k in an hour. I also plan to get through a lot of podcasts and audiobooks by doing this.
6. Twenty-nine squares on Adulting Blanket
That'll be 28 days, plus one for the whole month.  Also, keeping up with journaling is a priority here.

7. Read Catch-22 and Uglies
These are my February books for MERaT, in the category "Dystopia, Comedy, and Satire".  One is a classic, the other is a young adult book.  I think this will be fun.

What are your Resolutions for February?

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