Friday, July 19, 2013

Little Mischief: Cast On

Recently I came to the unsettling realization that I had nothing to work on, and commenced snuggling under a blanket on the couch to actually watch a movie while not doing anything.

It was torment.

So, as I was going to Walmart yesterday for two 97¢ packs of colored pencils (explanation to follow), I picked up four skeins of Caron Simply Soft to make a blanket for my middle cousin (yes, I only have three), who doesn't have one yet, although his little brother was given one at birth.

My original color scheme for this blanket was dark red, light yellow, dark green, teal-blue, and dark brown.  The only color I could find was the red.  So instead of leaving and finding them somewhere else, I improvised.  What came home with me?

Dark red, dark orange, dark blue, and bright green.  I promise they get along better than it sounds.

From left to right: Ocean, Autumn Red, Kelly Green, Pumpkin

I'll probably need more, but since it's No Dye Lot yarn, I'll pick up more when I figure I'll need it, in the proportions I need it.

The pattern I'm using is the Granny Stripe from Attic24, with modifications.  My inspiration is this project by a fellow Ravelry member (the picture is hers).  I love the idea of having one color be a sort of "break" color, and the rest be in three-row stripes.  Green is going to be my "break" color because I think the playfulness of it will impart a bit of brightness that would be overpowering if it were in thicker stripes.

After four attempts at starting, I finally gave up making the blanket do what I want and just let it do its thing. (Hence the name "Little Mischief") So it's currently 34" wide and I'm aiming for 46" long, so I can add a two-inch border and get to 36"x48".  No idea if that's going to happen.

Since this particular cousin will be sitting next to me chattering away in exactly two months, I have 62 days to get it done.  This is my only project right now.  I should be fine.  Right?

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