Monday, June 23, 2014

Flash Your Stash 2014

Every year on Ravelry we have a thread called "Flash Your Stash", for which we crazy yarn people drag all our yarn out of its nooks and crannies, spread it out over our couches/tables/king-size-beds/floors, and take pictures of it.  It can be very amusing to see how the stashes change over the years, so a lot of us do it annually.  (Besides, it's a good incentive to reorganize the stash as we put it all away!)

I did take part in Flash Your Stash 2013, as you can see if you follow the link.  Also as you can see, my stash was pretty meager and mostly consisted of inherited scraps.

Unfortunately, this year is quite different.  This year, it covers the gameroom table on which I assembled three-foot afghan blocks.  Yeah.  This is going to be scary.

Ready?  Here we go.

Here is all of the yarn I owned at the beginning of 2014 (well not quite all; I forgot a few skeins and then added them in later, but most of them).  It's quite a large collection of still mostly scraps.  Care for a closer look?

Ignore the stuff to the left.  The bag is embroidery floss, the box is sort-of-color-organized-scraps, and the woven thing is more scraps I'm not sure what I'm going to do with yet.  It came like that.

Down the center of this shot is all the worsted-weight scraps, organized in a lovely little rainbow from pink at the top through to white at the bottom.

Full or mostly-full balls of fingering weight.  The light green at the top was a hand-dye job, which I later overdyed to a different shade of green and knit during the 2014 Ravellenic Games into Irish Roots Socks.  The two balls of white and the pink!sparkles and blue!sparkles are destined (hopefully) to be itty-bitty baby sweaters once Bigger On The Inside comes off my needles.  I have no idea what the last ball is for.

My only sport-weight ball.  Sparkly, scratchy acrylic.  No clue what I'm going to do with this.

Bulky/chunky yarn.  The pink stuff is leftover from my first charity blanket.  The red stuff might eventually turn into a hat for me if I ever get needles of an appropriate size to make it.  I don't know what to do with the Homespun on the right.

My very small cotton collection.  The blue on the left is mercerized, and I'm knitting washcloths out of it.  The other two are kitchen cotton.  I might make some potholders out of the blue.  The pink is dishcloths.

All the rest of my worsted-weight yarn.  As far as I know this is all acrylic.  Some of this has been used up in projects, but I do need to earmark and then use up the rest.

My cute collection of handspun!  The white in front is angora, which is now a coppery-brown color and still not knit up.  The orange I legitimately spun out of combed top.  The brown beside it is an experiment in re-spinning some of the Homespun from above.  The other three are plied commercial yarn.

The remaining scraps of my Earth Science Hat, which I still need to do something with.  Not sure what that something will be -- maybe mittens.  Depends on how much I have.

Unspun fiber.  I've spun or earmarked a few of the braids, but I haven't touched the silk (shiny stuff in front), the blue angelina, or the other pack of angora.

All back at home crammed into The Stash Tower.  ...Which is now, six months later, full to overflowing.  I need to use up stash yarn.

Hopefully I won't experience this same level of growth before Flash Your Stash next year!


  1. Woah, your only ball of sport weight looks exactly like the sport weight baby acrylic I inherited! Mine wasn't terribly scratchy, though -- have you tried washing yours (or knitting and washing the finished product)? It does take forever to use up, FYI :P

    1. I actually had two balls of that one, and that's what I had left after crocheting a small blanket out of it. I believe I washed that blanket, and it didn't seem to help much.


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