Monday, March 18, 2013

Flash Your Stash 2013

Flash Your Stash is a Ravelry thing. There's an annual thread where members post and explain pictures of their yarn stashes, usually covering large expanses of floor or king-size beds. If they've participated in past years, sometimes they'll link back to previous Flashes, allowing others to watch their stashes develop (or mutate, as the case may be).

I did not participate last year, since I didn't really have a stash last year. This year I sort of do, and I have the storage for it, so I decided to join in. I reorganized my stash, and while it was all on the floor I photographed it. So here it is:

Click the picture for a larger view
Not so scary next to the stashes of other people.

As you can see, I don't have a lot of yarn, and what I do have is mostly bits and pieces. This is because I inherited most of this from other crafters who gave me scraps they didn't want, when I started crocheting two years ago. I hope to be mostly rid of this sometime soon, so I can get my own delicious yarn that is not scraps. Goals for the future!

All the way on the left is full or mostly-full skeins. Behind them you can see some of the WIPs that were lurking in some of the drawers of what I dubbed my Stash Tower. The middle pile is yarn that I don't consider a full skein but still has enough yardage to make a self-sustaining cake. The pile on the right is basically scraps.

All of that fits in my Stash Tower with room to spare. Which gives me hope for the future. Yes indeed.

Oh wait. That isn't everything. There's also 24 skeins of I Love This Yarn! for my Octuple Rainbow Afghan that aren't here. Eighteen now, but 24 at the time the picture was taken. And I need to purchase 3 more in black sometime soon. Right...

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