Friday, November 1, 2013

October Resolutions: What Just Happened?

Someone informs me that October is over.  What?  When did that happen?  Isn't it like the 18th?

According to my music professor this is the part of the semester where school tries to kill you.  My exams and major projects are stacking up within days of each other, making it difficult to plan ahead and forcing me to basically just get through a week at at time. Half the students are getting sick from not taking care of themselves well (not this girl!).  Sleep is in high demand and short supply.  So that might all be part of my confusion and inability to get things done.

As I suspected, this month did not go so well for my resolutions.  Check out the original post here to see what my original goals were, and brace yourself for a crash.  Here we go.

1) Start spinning angora for my best friend's birthday present Complete!
I only succeeded in this because I purposefully did not put a required amount: I only said "start".  And start I did.  In fact, I've spun about 9 grams, or 16% of the first braid.

2) Finish Shady Spring Complete!
I did it. My goal was to finish the shawl before a wedding I was attending on the twelfth.  And I bound off on the eleventh.  Shawl in nine days?  You bet.  It is amazing.  Could've gone a little bigger, but I was out of yarn (and time), and I'm pleased with it.  I actually wore it last night to a Halloween 50s horror film, and it was nice and cozy.

3) Finish Fire and Water sprites Half-credit
I decided to change this goal around a little since I was having difficulty with the dress design.  The Fire sprite is finished, if naked.  The Water sprite is missing arms and hair and possibly I forgot to embroider the mouth before finishing off..  The Grass sprite and Air sprite are missing eyes and the rest of their heads.  So one is finished but for clothing, one requires some finishing touches, and two are in construction.  I'm giving half credit.

4) Catch up on Octuple Rainbow Failed
But okay with that.  I managed to finish the third quarter and start the fourth, meaning I have another week or so to finish and still be caught up.  I also wound off itty-bitty skeins of the black yarn so I don't have to worry about cutting off lengths for each new seam; I just have to unwind a skein and go!
Fourth quarter!
5) Clean my room Failed
I did make an attempt at one point.  Parts got better.  But it's all really just collapsing back into mayhem until I can get through these next few weeks.  I'd take pictures, but you really don't need to see it.

Two Complete!, one Half-credit, and two Failed.  I feel okay about that, I guess.  I did expect this month to not go so well, so I'm proud of what I did accomplish.

On to November!  (Already??)

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