Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tavern Wench

My family went to Medieval Times tonight, which is this elaborate dinner and tournament show.  Most of my family dressed up.  I brought my spindle and refused to wear a paper crown in an attempt to be "part of the show".  I gathered a little crowd of enchanted tiny kids and was mistaken for an employee at one point, which basically made my day.

My costume was a Halloween pirate dress my aunt bought a few years ago.  We had to belt it so it would fit, and it still draped rather than hugged, but wearing the "corset" I bought for prom two years ago at least made it look like I had some curves.

Notice my adorable half-curtsey that looks as natural as breathing.  Curtseys have been my default "you exist and I am acknowledging you" gesture while in a skirt for years now, so it's semi-automatic at this point.  I was bobbing curtseys to knights, royalty, and little girls all evening.  (The little girls were the greatest because they would stare in wonder and then bob awkward little curtseys back!) I discovered upon returning home that I actually have the balance required to make those deep, elaborate curtseys that require you to go almost to your knee with your back totally straight while spreading your skirts out, and rising back up without wobbling.  It's quite a feat, and one I'm maybe too proud of.

Oh also, our knight won the tournament and defeated the bad guy.  It was a good night.

Let's take a peek at my February Resolution progress, shall we?

1. Finish Kick Off The New Year Socks
I am making progress.  Both heels are turned, the rest is planned, and I just have to knit away at the legs for a bit!

2. Finish Matthew's fingerless mitts
I have not touched these yet.

3. Work at least seventeen rows on Flow Ripple
I have not touched this yet either.  Oops?

4. Knit another pair of socks (pattern TBD)
This is making progress since I at least know what I'm going to be doing.  The January socks have to be finished first and I need to pick up thread for these though.

5. Walk 5K at least five times a week
Ahaha.  I didn't leave the house except to go actual places.  No progress.

6. Twenty-nine squares on Adulting Blanket
I'm still on track with this!

7. Read Catch-22 and Uglies
Catch-22 is now in my room, so that's... progress?  It's also really long, so that's not.

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