Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Resolutions: Happy Birthday!

Yes indeed, yesterday was my birthday! I am now nineteen years old. (Now three-fourths of you thinks I'm really young and the last fourth thinks I'm really old!) I have also survived my first semester as a college student and signed on for another one. Aren't I so smart.

I've also volunteered to start and captain a team for Ravellenic Games 2014, and hopefully I'll be doing another post on that later.  Preparation for the Olympic Games in February starts in December for us yarnworkers, believe it or not!

Astonishingly, things have actually gotten done in these last two weeks. An entire list of things. Not the whole list, unfortunately, but a list. Curious? Then take a look!

1) Finish Fire Sprite Complete!
I managed to make her dress between classes and delivered her to my aunt, who got very excited and took her away before I remembered I needed to take pictures. She will return. I will photograph. (I also need to be sure I know how to make the dress again!)

2) Finish Earth Science Hat Complete!
Finished and delivered on Wednesday, before the final exam. The first thing he saw was the geologist, which I could not have planned better. He thanked me at least eight times, it fits him nicely, and he said no one has ever given him anything like it before (I should hope not!). All in all, quite a successful project.

3) Make one more owl for The Final Project and deliver Complete!
Due to what we have dubbed "ice-pocalypse", I decided to defer my first round of The Final Project to next semester, giving me plenty of time to work up an army of nocturnal creatures, and figure out what I want the paperwork to look like. The other half of the resolution still stands, however, and my latest owl buddy is already complete.  Keep an eye out for an introductory post later.

4) Register for Spring Semester Complete!
I am happily registered for five classes: Composition II, US History II, Intro to Speech Communications (yikes), Learning Framework (a psychology course), and Stars & Galaxies (with lab). Have yet to pay for the courses, but I have a while yet before the deadline.

5) Pass all my finals Uh...
Well, I've taken all my finals.  But because final grades won't be posted online until Tuesday at the earliest, the only grade I'm sure of is the Music Appreciation (because my professor took the time to add it to Blackboard), where I have 804/800 points, or a 100.5 -- definitely an A in the course.

6) Deliver Christmas gifts to the girls In progress
Working on the plan for Christmas, although nothing is definite here yet.

7) Finish Octuple Rainbow In progress
And good progress, too!  I've finished five of the eight border rounds, and I think I'm about halfway through the sixth.  This puts me just a touch ahead of schedule.  Sixth border round to be completed this week, then it's two to go!

8) Finish spinning angora singles and begin plying Complete!
I wound the singles into a plying ball and used the Andean bracelet to ply the 10 yards that remained on the second single. I have gotten started on the rest of the singles, and I'm loving the yarn that's coming out. So soft and thin -- It's uneven, but it's light sport/heavy fingering!

9) Seriously, clean my room In progress
Working on it. Made some progress before finals, mostly in picking up clothes. I need to tackle the papers. School has a tendency to make one accumulate those!

10) Read Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green Complete!
Such amazing books. I enjoyed them a lot, even though they made my brain hurt from trying to process time travel. She handles it extremely well, and although I saw one major plot twist coming a mile away (from the middle of the first book all the way to the middle of the third book where my suspicions were confirmed), the other two never even occurred to me. It was an impressive feat, and I was well-pleased.

Over half my goals are complete now, and the others are actually in progress.  This is one of my better months, I think!

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