Monday, September 30, 2013

September Resolutions: And Now Playing Catch-Up

Yes, I must admit, after starting this month so well...

...I got behind.

Vacations will do that to you.  Religious vacations involving a two-hour church service every day for a week will do that to you even more.  So yes.  I did lose it.  And yes, I will be spending the first part of October catching up.

But enough with the rambling: it's time to see the results!

1) Finish Little Mischief Complete!
I think one of my favorite memories from this trip was seeing my cousin dash out of his parents' bedroom clutching Little Mischief.  Or when his little brother saw it on the couch and draped it over his head like a ghost.  In any case, it was very well received.

2) Spin for the September Spindlers challenge Complete!
And I've knitted it all as well.  The project has been blocked, but it still requires some sewing.  I'll put up the Tada post when it's completely finished.

3) Knit 1 pair of toe-up socks Failed
I was going to bring this with me.  And then I realized I didn't want to.  So I decided to let this one go, and I'll pick up the sock again when I want to.

4) Keep up with my homework over break Failed
In fact, I have two essays due tomorrow that I need to work on.  I managed to get my science lab done this afternoon.  I'm way behind.

5) Eat lunch at least four days a week Complete!
I forgot all about this resolution, but I actually did eat lunch almost every day this month.  I also gained three pounds while I was gone, which is an excellent thing because I've been lighter than I want to be (yes, I have that problem).

Wow.  That's three out of five, 60%.  Better than I thought I did.

Well that makes my whole day better!

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