Monday, June 30, 2014

Resolution Wrap-Up Plus 3 Good Things

Today you get a twofer, because I'm going to try to add some positivity to my Mondays and it's also the last day of the month.  So, we have the Monthly Resolution Wrap-Up and the first dose of 3 Good Things in the same post!  So here we go.

Resolution Wrap-Up
I did pretty well if you consider them 24 separate goals, but I failed if you consider it one goal.  Also, hilariously, my randomized square position was perfect so I've only gotten two bingos.  It's terrible.  See?

Pathetic, isn't it?  Well, here's the breakdown.

1) Watch a movie with Thomas
While Matthew was gone at camp we closed all the curtains and watched Hitchcock's Psycho, and were suitably confused and freaked out.  Now I'm tempted to watch the series Bates Motel on Netflix, but not quite sure I want to invest that much time in what will probably be not as good.

2) Spin 1 mini-skein
This little baby is 26.5 yards (~24 meters) of laceweight Falkland wool, which I dyed Trainwreck Purple (credit for this name goes to Samurai Knitter who has made quite an art of breaking purple dye).

3) Write 10 drabbles
I wrote to Breathe, Stripes, Dusk, Time, Rebel, Because I Was Lonely, Umbrella, Spiral, Drowning, and Invincible, all of which are available to read by clicking the links.  That's 1,000 words I wrote, and I'm quite proud.

4) Finish Arrow
I did finish this.  I knew a major event would occur either at the end of the first season or the beginning of the [still unavailable on Netflix] second one, but I didn't know which or how it occurred.  Suffice to say, I was sobbing.

5) Watch a movie with Matthew
Once he had finished reading the book, we popped a bag of popcorn and watched Coraline, and he huddled under a blanket next to me in happy fright.  I have ruined Lalaloopsy dolls for him forever, which is okay.  They're creepy anyway.

6) Complete TMNT toys
This is one of the few that did not get done.  Two and a half shells is all I completed.

7) Post Flash Your Stash pics
Pictures were posted here.

8) Knit Time Vortex Lace
I am actually astonished by how much progress I have made on this shawl.  After finishing the lace, I'm about halfway into the TARDIS chart.  In the next few weeks I need to finish the TARDIS portion and complete the ribbing and I'll be finished.  (With plenty of yarn to spare, so it'll be a bit smaller than the original probably, but I'll get a pair or two of socks out of the deal!)

9) Dye fiber for TdF
Ta-da!  The pink needs another run, I think, but the rest are all good to go.  Did you know Wilton's Royal Blue contains that stupid red that likes to break?  Neither did I!  So there are some pink patches.  Oh well.

10) Organize bookcase
I don't think I took pictures, but this is done.  It's really lovely too, if you ignore the bottom shelf.  I haven't decided yet what I'm doing with it.

11) Make "surprise"
I did this the day before Matthew returned from camp.  Printed all the pictures of his DW scarf and the three medals and put them along with his progress Post-Its into an album and left it on his bed.  When he arrived home I sent him upstairs to put his backpack down and he did... and tripped right back downstairs without even looking around.  Mom stepped in and asked if he'd seen the room (which they had cleaned in his absence) and sent him up again.  When I went up for something a minute later, he started a countdown from five.  I braced myself, although Mom had no idea what was coming.  At zero he launched himself at me for an enormous hug.  It was very gratifying.

12) Finish Monuments Men
Astonishingly, this is also not done.  I have it out from the library though and have to finish it by next week.

0) Have It Be Summer
Obviously, this is the free space.

13) Watch Olympics
While this is not finished, I have made enormous progress.  I'm only watching the figure skating and ice dancing, and I got through pairs, men's figure skating, and the ice dance.  I think all I have left is the women's skating, but that might be wrong.

14) Play Forbidden Desert
We did play this, but we need to play it again because we lost!

15) Finish baby blanket
Ta-da!  This is earmarked now for a church member having her third child and second son sometime in the near future.  I hope she loves it.

16) 10 pages of kiddie fun book
I think I've colored three pages?  One of which is rainbow butterflies.  Yup.  I'm just that awesome.

Click to zoom so you can read the labels

17) Watch 1 GC lecture series
I watched My Favorite Universe, a 12-lecture/6-hour series in which Neil deGrasse Tyson essentially just picked 12 of his favorite essays from his many years of writing for a magazine, and talked about them.  It wasn't very educational since I knew pretty much everything he talked about, but it was intensely entertaining.

18) Bake cookies!
I did pick up the cookie cookbook for kiddos, and made a bunch of shortbread hearts.  (I wanted stars, but we apparently don't own any star cookie cutters.  These are good enough.

19) Complete sprite bodies
These also did not get done, although a good bit of the pieces were made.  I need to sew up the Water sprite and give her a mouth, and 33% of this one will be done.

20) Finish OUaTiW with Mom
We did it!  I highly enjoyed the final few episodes of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, even though I definitely don't think cute-Arabic-genie-boy looks at all congruous in Victorian England.

21) Attempt Allen SRP
I did count this complete since finishing Garment of Shadows means I can get a free book.  I would still like to read three more for a contest entry though.

22) Re-henna my hair
This did not get done mostly because my aunt/dyer was out of town for practically the whole month.  We did schedule a date to do it, which is Thursday.  So hopefully there will be gingerfied pictures soon!

23) Knit the rest of the dishcloths
This turned out to be already done.  I just had to weave in a few ends on a dishcloth or two that had been shoved into a bag awaiting finishing, and then I could mark off the square.

24) Spend time with Grandma
This turned out to not go as well as expected due to a broken A/C and some planning hiccups, but we did do it.  A run-down of our card-making endeavors was posted previously.

So that's 18 things done and 6 left, or 75% done.  I feel pretty good about that actually.  I'll try to finish the other 6 next month!

3 Good Things
This is something we've been doing in the Teens Knit & Crochet (Ravelry link) group for about a year and a half, and I realized I should do it more often so I picked up a cute notebook and started writing.  I may not post all of my three things (times seven) every week since some of them are bound to be pretty personal, but I'd like to share some of them at least.  So, here we go with this past week's 3 Good Things!

June 23
1. SIDEWALK CHALK is mine (I picked up a package for my first bingo)
2. Cherry Field is still exactly on gauge
3. I found a cute notebook to do this daily

June 24
1. Bacon-Nectarine-Arugula sandwich (the recipe is here if anyone is curious; they are amazing and are technically made with peaches)
2. I remembered why I watch Once Upon A Time (because it's clever and they don't pull punches)
3. I have a lot of cool blank notebooks (I cleaned out my notebook box after finding the one for this)

June 25
1. New bras are on their way! (I've needed them for months.  Oh, and they're still not here!)
2. I might be able to make a little black dress (I have a really ugly skirt that will probably make a cute minidress)
3. Miniskirts are possible

June 26
1. My T-shirt bag is working
2. I made a scrunchie (from the above T-shirt, in fact)
3. I rescued the TARDIS shawl (after the dog grabbed it off the couch in the middle of a row and managed to pull 20-odd stitches off the needles)

June 27
1. Matthew is home
2. [My aunt] is home
3. Hot cocoa!

June 28
1. E is home and tackled me
2. I wore pants to church (I've only done this twice in my life, both in the last month)
3. My miniskirt is sexy as hell (Pictures when I fix the waistband)

June 29
1. [An infant semi-relative]'s blanket was in her crib (It was this blanket)
2. I made money for once (by babysitting the aforementioned relative and her brother)
3. I finally found my first sewing project (it had been stashed in a bag in a closet I would never have thought to look in!)

So there we go.  Twenty-one good things about my week.  Doesn't that just make you happier?  It makes me happier.  I'm going to make a concerted effort to do this every Monday.  What were 3 Good Things about your week?

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