Monday, October 7, 2013

October Resolutions: Wait, It's October?

So October kind of crept up on me this year.  Either the end of September was a lot shorter than usual, or I just wasn't paying attention.  Which one of these things is more likely?

So I guess I should make some resolutions for the remainder of the month.  Or something.  Uh...

I'm super out of it.  Let's see how this goes.  As always, Ravelers should feel free to join us at Resolutions Monthly.  (I encourage everyone else to start a monthly resolution trend on a blog, Facebook page, or even comments here!)

1) Start spinning angora for my best friend's birthday present
He's been randomly obsessed with the idea of "bunny fiber" since he learned it exists, and once jokingly informed me that I should make him a hat.  So I bought 4 oz of pure angora (I know, I did all the research and still chose pure angora; I have my reasons) and a new spindle.  I expect it to be a steep learning curve and slow going for the first week or so, and I'd like to get that week out of the way as soon as possible.

2) Finish Shady Spring
I know, I know, you guys don't even know I started this.  I'll catch up on my projects at some point.  Really.  Anyway, general consensus for 400 yards of fingering weight yarn is to do ten leaf pairs before the border.  I have five, so about half by rows.  A lot less than that by stitches, of course.

3) Finish Fire and Water sprites
At least a year ago my aunt offered to pay me to make her Fire, Water, and Earth sprites.  I'm making them for her birthday, plus an Air sprite (if she doesn't want it, I'm keeping it).  At this point I have the Fire sprite made, but not dressed.  The dress design I have to invent, which is probably going to be trial-and-error more than anything, but as soon as I have it down it'll just be labor-- repeat from * three times.  If I can finish the Fire and Water sprites this month, I can do Earth and Air next month and have them all ready in time for her birthday.

4) Catch up on Octuple Rainbow
I'm supposed to have the third quarter seamed as of the 5th.  I haven't even started it yet.  I have no idea how that happened (actually I do--school and shiny other projects).  The fourth quarter is supposed to be finished by November 9th, which means that before the end of October I should have the third quarter fully seamed and done at least 7 out of the 10 seams of the fourth quarter.  At this point that's 17 seams in 24 days, which isn't entirely infeasible but will certainly be difficult with school and stuff.  At about 20 minutes per seam that's about 5 hours, 40 minutes.  Where I'm going to find 6 spare hours is beyond me.  Maybe by getting off Ravelry.

5) Clean my room
Once I got home from vacation things just collapsed.  My room is at the very least a recipe for disaster.  Since I'm caught up on my homework now, I should have the time to work on it.  By the end of the month it should be usable and navigable.

Five goals.  Four fiber (one spinning, one crochet, one knitting, one crochet/knitting combo) and one life.

I have bad feelings about October, but let's see what happens.

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