Saturday, January 4, 2014

Be A Better Human Being This Year!

A new year means another guilt-tripped effort to become A Better Human Being, whatever that means to you.  Last year I didn't bother setting resolutions, knowing  I would simply gleefully break them all as I forgot about them.  Then Resolutions Monthly turned up in my life, and I've been accomplishing goals since May (with a break in November for Life to interfere).  For 2014, I'll be continuing on with Resolutions Monthly, but setting some bigger, year-long goals as well in the hope that I can incorporate them into my monthly lists as well.

1) Get a job
I have been without steady income  for at least six months, and that's beginning to annoy me.  Whether this means acquiring steady (and well-paying) babysitting jobs, working for the public school system (basically as a babysitter), or sucking it up and applying to the McDonald's across the street, I'd like to have a steady paycheck of some description by the end of this year.

2) Get into a schedule
I've been scraping by these last few years, not really accomplishing much and staying pretty haphazard.  Time to grow up and settle into a routine that works.

3) Find and apply to university for the 2015-16 school year
This fall I'll be going into my sophomore year at community college, and I really need to start looking at university and scholarships to get there.  I'd prefer to be somewhere far away from here so living in this house is no longer an option and I'll be forced to actually start doing stuff.  Connecticut is looking pretty good at this particular moment.

4) Complete C25K and begin running regularly
I keep trying to do this and it's not worked well so far.  I really enjoy my runs, but because I don't have a schedule I keep falling behind and out of the rhythm.  At the very least I'd like to do the 5k/half hour runs, but it would be really awesome to make it up to 10k/1 hour runs.

5) Read at least 24 books
Sometime in the last few years I stopped reading.  Books couldn't hold my attention anymore for some reason.  Now I know I need to fix that, so my goal is two books per month.  I'll find some way to treat myself for every book I read past two in a month.

I plan to post an update on this list at the end of every month.  While I can't remove any goals throughout the year, I will allow modification of current goals and addition of new ones.  I'm a fluid person, a year is a long time, and I don't see any reason why this list can't be improved.

Any time you see an asterisk beside one of my monthly goals, it's contributing something to one of these yearly goals.  Just a little reminder to myself, really.

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