Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Basics Of Sock-ing

We're still talking about the socks.

Arg, the socks.  The Kick Off The New Year Socks.  The cables that I have to remember to mirror, the toes that are too long, the gauge that isn't tight enough.  Oh, the socks.

I'm halfway through the gusset increases and I'm ready to -- quoting Ian -- punch a llama.  I am so tired of these socks being un-sock-like.  We are having a rocky relationship and the end is not in sight.  I am skeptical of this whole Fleegle heel thing.  What kind of a name is Fleegle, anyway?  Not one that sounds very trustworthy, that's for sure.

I don't know what I'm doing for February's socks.  I kind of want to make heart socks out of hot pink yarn, but I don't want them to take forever.  It might end up being basic toe-up socks I knit tiny reverse-stockinette hearts into everywhere.  That sounds cute, right?  But first I have to finish the stupid New Year socks.  ARG.

Okay.  That's enough WIP Whining for today.  Let's talk about something else sock-related, shall we?
I taught Ian the knit stitch once, over a year ago.  He did about five stitches on a teddy bear I was working on at the time, and that was all that ever came of that.  I/we keep meaning to do another few lessons, so he knows the basics.  It never seems to happen.

I mentioned tonight that I should teach him to knit because it would probably be good for him to have a meditative way to make himself happy and deal with feelings.  Plus, I added jokingly, knitting will make you cool socks.

As soon as I sent that message I followed it with, "Oh my god, Ian, you should knit socks!"  This boy loves fun socks.  Patterned or brightly colored socks basically make his day, every day.  He's exclaimed to me over the same pair of socks three different times, and I know this because every time he comments that he really loves them but they are practically impossible to get on and off his feet.  I think it's totally adorable.  I also think it makes socks the perfect thing for him to learn to knit.  He agreed.

"Can you teach me the basics of sock-ing on [next] Friday or Saturday?"  [When we have plans for a specific day, even if that day is several weeks out we tend to just use the day name because we know which date we mean.]  I explained that sock knitting is generally round knitting, and it's what I use the porcupine for, and I wouldn't start him on that because it would be mean.  So we would start him on the basics of knitting, and move to socks.  I also mentioned in simple terms that socks are usually done in really thin yarn, but thick yarn like what I use for blankets will make good slippers, thick socks.  He said that he needs thick socks anyway because his boots destroy regular socks, so that would be great.

So, now I need to figure out a sort of lesson plan that will get Ian from "What is this knitting thing?" to "I make my own socks!" without frustrating or boring either of us.  It's a fun challenge.

I suspect that I will create a sock knitting monster, once he wears handmade wool socks that fit him.  I actually can't wait to see if that happens.  And what sort of socks he makes, if it does.

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