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Summer Fun Bingo, Part Two (Resolutions For July)

(Stay tuned to the end of the post for Tour de Fleece Day -1!)

I've still got five squares left of my first round of Summer Fun Bingo, but Mom suggested I start a new sheet for the rest of the summer so I have more things to do.  Since I have two months left and nothing really pressing to accomplish, I figure I might actually get a third sheet in.  But let's not be hasty.  My 24 squares for Summer Fun Bingo, Part Two also double as my Resolutions for July, since there's really no point in adding more things to my list.  Here's the sheet:

Click to zoom
And here's the breakdown.

1) Buy a new planner
Last year, I think around this time, I found a nice little planner I could use to keep track of my obligations while on the go.  Since it only runs through July, I'll have to get a new one for August.  I'm adding it to the list so I don't forget to do it.

2) Spin for TdF
The Tour de France and its accomplice the Tour de Fleece begin tomorrow, and I'm good and ready to get going.  Note that this square does not say I have to complete my Tour goals, just that I have to spin.  I will fill it in when the Tour ends on the 27th.

3) Clean out my computer
I bought my laptop August of my senior year, which means it's nearly two years old.  In two years, I've accumulated a lot of junk.  I have a lot of homeless files wandering around, and a lot of useless files that should be deleted.  I've been meaning to do that for a few months, and haven't gotten around to it yet.  Maybe this will give me the incentive to do so.

4) Complete Water sprite
Once I finish square #19 on the first sheet (Complete sprite bodies), I'll try to finish up the Water sprite.  This means latch-hooking a ton of hair (about 300 individual strands), and crocheting her dress and panties.  I chose Water to do next because she's the closest to being done right now, and it seems unfair to put her on the back burner now.

5) Go swimming
I haven't been to the pool all summer, and I know for a fact we're going sometime this month.  A little water time will be good for me (even if I do take a lot of baths anyway), and sitting in the sun might be nice as well.

6) Movie Night with Stephanie
Stephanie didn't make it onto my sheet the first time around, so I'm making it up with this.  Movie Night has become a monthly event in which I somehow get to her house (dropped off, picked up, or just drive myself) and spend the night and the following afternoon watching two or three movies.  At the moment we're slowly making our way through the Twilight movies, just for the mocking opportunity, at a rate of one movie per month.  Up next is Eclipse, which I've already seen but will probably make more sense in context.  I don't know what else we'll watch, but I'll keep you updated.

7) One 'quilt' row
This was the shortest way to say that, even if it's a bit misleading.  I'm not actually referring to a fabric quilt, but to my Friendship Star crocheted quilt.  The row in question consists of eight blocks, and shouldn't take more than a week, considering I did the first one tonight.

8) Vacuum my floor
Seems too simple to be on here, doesn't it?  Well considering the normal state of my space, being able to vacuum my entire floor will be an accomplishment.  And actually doing it... well!

9) 1 GC lecture series
This worked so well the last time around, I thought I'd do it again.  This time I might watch one of the religion series, or possibly the one on relativity (if I do that, I'll probably watch the one about string theory next month).  I really do love learning.

10) Reverse-engineer cardigan
I have a little baby cardigan I was given for my dolls several years ago now, by the same woman who gave me my first yarn stash (she also dyed with Easter egg dyes in her kitchen -- I was fascinated).  She'd made it for her youngest, who was too big for it the minute she was born.  It's not well-made (too loose, every other row is twisted, I think the pattern was either intentionally terrible or merely badly written), but it's adorable and I'd like to try making my own.  If I manage it, and if I alter it to a pattern I like better, I'll probably write it up for you all.  We'll see.

11) Acquire a fish
I used to keep a betta fish in a 1-gallon (~3.8 liters) bowl in my room, and when the last one died a few years ago I never got around to replacing him.  I keep meaning to, and then putting it off with a mental "I'll do it after X trip", and there's always a new trip around the corner.  So I don't care anymore.  I'll get the fish, and Stephanie can babysit him on my trips.

12) Finish OUAT with Mom
Yes, we're still behind on Once Upon A Time as well.   We only have a dozen or so episodes left, though, so we think we can finish it this month.

0) It's Still Summer
And it is, so I get the space!

13) Watch 4 episodes of DW
I started watching Doctor Who from the beginning of the remake with Matthew, and we were five episodes in when I finished the bingo sheet.  That means we have to watch episodes 6-10, and we've already watched six and seven.  So that leaves just two to go.

14) Finish WWTW
Building on one of my resolutions for June, I'm going to try to finish E's shawl this month.  I've named it Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey after one of the very few lines I know from Doctor Who, since it's a TARDIS shawl after all.  I have only a few more rows of actual TARDIS left to knit, then it's seven rows of reverse stockinette and eighteen rows of k2p2 ribbing.  Very boring stuff to do, but the shawl has to be done in exactly two weeks and it will have to be blocked.  So I need to hurry.

15) Finish Cherry Field
I'm 28% finished at the moment, with 108 rows left to go.  It should take less than two weeks to finish, which means I could possibly be done by halfway through July  I don't know if I'll get the pattern written up this month as well, but I'd definitely like to.  If not, it'll be next month.

16) Read The World Above
This is a retelling of The Little Mermaid from a series called Once Upon A Time, where various authors (but usually Cameron Dokey) rethink a fairytale in an interesting way.  I received the book some time ago, and didn't realize I hadn't read it.  It got lost in my collection of them!

17) Watch Divergent
Matthew is very excited for us to all go see this movie together, and he insisted that we dress up.  Since I'm the only one who can handle long sleeves in the summer, I ended up with Abnegation (I think), which means I wear grey jeans (with a hole in the knee; they're destined for shorts eventually) and a grey long-sleeved shirt, put my hair up, and don't get to wear any makeup or jewelry.  I am okay with this.

18) Bake cupcakes
You'll note this accidentally ended up in the same square as my baking challenge last month.  I don't get to bake often, and I'd already done cookies, so I decided to change it up a bit.  I have a whole box of cupcake recipes, and might even find out if there are any Independence Day themed cakes, since it is July!

19) Dishes 7-day streak
I could not figure out how to word this one.  I have 7 dishcloths, and I'd like to see them all end up in the laundry at the same time, as it means I've successfully washed dishes every day of the week.  This might take a while, but I am determined to get it under control.

20) Play a card game
I cheated and didn't say which one.  Since Mom has a Game Night scheduled, I'll probably ask if there were any specific plans and try to slip in a card game of some sort.  This is sort of the equivalent of the Play Forbidden Island square from the last round.

21) Make a tea wallet
After I was so generously gifted a handmade tea wallet from a perfect stranger in May, I've wanted to make my own.  I purchased a few fat quarters of colorful fabric a few days back, and intend to make several (possibly to pass on the Random Act of Kindness), starting this month.

22) Weave in Octuple ends
The poor baby still has ends poking out that I've been studiously ignoring for the last six months.  I need to spread it out and go through all the squares making sure I secure[d] all the loose ends.

23) Storyteller's Daughter
There were too many words to fit in the square!  This is a retelling of the story frame for One Thousand And One Nights, often called The Arabian Nights in English.  It's the same series as #16 above, and again one I managed to miss.

24) Watch a sunrise
I don't do this often enough, so I think I'll try to do it this month.  I might not even stay up all night this time around!

So there's Round Two of Summer Fun Bingo.  Now for a little preshow of TdF!

Tour de Fleece: Day -1
Also known as Last-Minute Prep Day.

For the 2014 Tour de Fleece, I will be spinning 1.2 ounces (~34 grams) of Polwarth wool, handdyed by me last month.  It'll be arranged into sixteen mini-skeins detailing every possible combination of four colors (pink, yellow, green, and blue) spun in sets of four over the course of four days and plied in a group on the fifth.  This schedule fits just beautifully into the rest and challenge days of the course, which is weird.  But it does mean a lot of spinning, since I'll be doing laceweight on my 8-gram Snyder mini-Turkish, Roísín.

In order to make it easier to keep track of, I've torn the fiber into seven strips of each color (one strip is twice as much as the other six, since it represents both plies of the solid yarn).

Then arranged it into its proper sets.

And finally, packaged it into small bundles for easy transportation and storage.

The gridded format here should help you see what I'm doing.  The rows all have the same first color, and the columns all have the same second color.

Spinning begins bright and early tomorrow as I have to get up for a morning church service in a city about half an hour's drive off.  We start with Row 3, Column 2: Green and Yellow.

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