Wednesday, January 8, 2014

You Actually Wanted To Do Stuff?

Lissa is still horizontal.

I went to bed at 9:30 last night and (except for getting up to grab the phone to inform my client that I would not be coming to her house today) did not get out of bed until 2:30 in the afternoon.  I woke up at least four times during the night (drink water, pull Octuple Rainbow over head, return to sleep), and probably could have slept a lot later into the afternoon... but the phone I'd picked up was still beside my bed, and someone called my house.  Booooo.

I've gotten nothing done today.  If I feel up to it, I'll work on the angora swatch after posting this.  Or maybe I'll just go back to sleep.  The only problem with me at this point is the headache, and I think I'm still dehydrated.

So in order to feel like I'm actually accomplishing things, I'll take a quick run through my resolutions for the month.  Ready?  Here we go.

1) Work out and finish J’s teddy bear 
Um... no progress.  Haven't actually looked at it yet.  That's fine.  It doesn't need to be done for another month.

2) Get at least halfway through cousin’s blanket 
I am one row short of this goal.  It will be done shortly, and then I will show you pictures.

3) Purchase and complete birthday gifts for both my brothers 
No progress.  You'd think I would get a move on this one.  The clock is ticking.  I should just buy the patterns and start thinking about working on them.

4) Dye angora 
Some progress.  I mean, I have the swatch made.  I just need to do the calculations for it.  If I get that done, dyeing will take place tomorrow (maybe).

5) Reorganize bookcase 
I've been staring at it all day, does that count?  No?  Okay fine.  No progress.

6) Purge school stuff from last semester and organize for spring 
Well, I finally paid my tuition.  That's a start.  But no purging and no organizing has occurred as of yet.

7) Plan Ravellenic Games projects and begin “training” 
Nope.  Although I really should start winding the yarn for the socks.

*8) Read Scarlet Moon and Snow in Summer 
I'm partway through Scarlet Moon thanks to Little Kid being able to entertain herself for about fifteen minutes with Play-Doh or cornstarch-and-water (anyone else think that's a brilliant toy for children?) while I keep an eye on her from the couch in between pages.  Pretty proud of myself for that.

*9) Get through the first four weeks of C25K
I started!  I really did!  I went running on Monday, and now I'm sick so I'm not running.  It's 43°F (~6°C) and raining (~raining) outside; you think I want to go out there?  I'll do it tomorrow.  I really mean that.

Well that was a terrible pick-me-up.  Looking at this list, my brain is going "lolz you actually wanted to do stuff this month".  Oh well.  Better luck in the next seven days?

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