Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Resolutions: Two-Thirds Is Good

So it's the end of August, and time to figure out what I didn't do.

Remember from the mid-month update how I had a good four resolutions "in progress?  Well I did some of them!  Which ones, you ask?

Let's see...

School Goals

1) Purchase or at least find textbooks Complete!
All my textbooks are safely in their place.  My three English books (one text, two reference), two science books (text and lab manual), and the history text are all on my bookshelf.  The math book is an online thing, and the music book is nonessential and I'm not spending forty bucks on nonessentials when I can use YouTube for free.  So that's done!
2) Clear my desk Complete!
Actually my entire room is clean, except for some reorganizing and decluttering I have left to do.  But I can actually vacuum.  And!  I have a desk again!  Now, I've quickly cluttered half of it up with yarn supplies, but those all have a home.  They just haven't gone back to it yet.

Fiber Goals

1) Finish Little Mischief Failed
It's not finished, but I'm making substantial progress.  I'm almost finished with the body, and I'll have a million ends to weave in and a border to go.
2) Make yellow cupcake Failed
Didn't even start this one.  Honestly, I'm terrible.  But seriously, I can't find half of my crochet hooks, which makes it difficult to make anything.  I'm trying not to borrow more than one at a time from my brother's set.
3) Finish Corridale yarn Complete!
Actually this month I finished the entire 1oz braid as two completely different skeins.  The first is purple, and the second is a candy-bright orange with red sections.  I'm super proud of that second one.  It was a ton of fun to spin.
4) Seam second quarter of Octuple Rainbow Complete!
I finished the second quarter on Monday the 26th during my three-hour break between classes.  Two boys took a shine to it and had a short conversation with me before their lab started, one that ended with "and I won't take it to a lake in the first place".  The quarter is now on loan to my best friend until I need it next.

Complete!: 4
Failed: 2

Pretty good, I'd say.  A success rate of 66% is not perfect, but it's getting there.  Considering my success rate in May was 37.5%, I've improved rapidly.

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