Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Resolutions: Stuff Is Getting Done!

September 15th means it's time to check in on my Monthly Resolutions.

I think I'm actually doing pretty well this month.  Things are actually being accomplished.

Have a peek back at my original resolutions, and let's see what I've done.

1) Finish Little Mischief Complete!
All wrapped up and ready to go, Little Mischief will be safely cuddled up with his little boy on Wednesday night or Thursday morning (depending on his bedtime!)

2) Spin for the September Spindlers challenge In Progress
I'm two-thirds of the way into the fiber.  Once I'm done with that of course I have to ply and finish it, but I think I can have that done.

3) Knit 1 pair of toe-up socks In Progress
I'm allowing myself to change this goal because I wasn't sure of its feasibility when I wrote it, and now that I'm confident it's impossible, I don't to lock myself into failure.  So the goal is now to finish one sock.  I've almost reached the heel turn, so I'm something like halfway through I guess.  Maybe less.

4) Keep up with my homework over break  Not Yet Started
This wasn't going to be applicable until the 18th anyway, so I don't feel bad about it.

5) Eat lunch at least four days a week In Progress
I'm doing fairly well with this.  I need to be eating better, but I am consuming food.  So that's something at least.

With one complete, one nearly complete, one half-complete, one sort of going along, and one not yet applicable, I say this month is turning out successful.  Let's see if I can keep it that way.

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