Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Resolutions for December: And We're Back!

Hello!  The particularly astute among you will have noticed that there were no Resolutions for November this year, and that is because I was too busy and distracted to make any until about the 20th, and by then I didn't even want to bother.  I did accomplish some stuff in November, including finishing that cupcake that was on my resolutions for I think two or three months!

Now it's the last month of the year.  Christmas decorations are going up everywhere I look, which reminds me I need to clean my room so it's not a fire hazard so I can get some candles going in here.  The Texas weather is going haywire, as usual. Expected high tomorrow is 75°F (24°C), while Thursday we're looking at 37°F (3°C).  That's quite a difference!  I have a pile of blankets on my bed keeping me nice and cozy, and I've been wearing a purple-and-grey plaid jacket every time I leave the house these last few days.  Definitely feels like December.

So let's get this ball rolling again and set some resolutions for December, shall we?  As always, Ravelry users are welcome to join us in the Resolutions Monthly group, anyone with a blog can link back to this post if they desire, and everyone else should feel free to post their resolutions in the comments.

I have a lot of resolutions this month, but I think most of them are fairly attainable.  Some are probably wishful thinking, but I'll do my best.

1) Finish Fire Sprite
This is a quarter of my birthday gift for my aunt, and the only part even close to being done.  I just have to work out her dress and she'll be finished.  Her birthday was Saturday, but since we were out of town we're having her birthday dinner tomorrow.  Crunch time.

2) Finish Earth Science Hat
The last time I'll see my professor is Monday, so it absolutely has to be done by then.  Unfortunately, I'm just getting into the tricky part.

3) Make one more owl for The Final Project and deliver
I currently have three; I'd like to do one more so I can leave two at each campus I'm attending.  I wish I'd gotten them done before this week, since finals are next week, but it'll be fine.  This depends on Resolution #1 since the needles are currently occupied with a sprite dress.

4) Register for Spring semester
Registration begins today for those who have (I think) over 40 credit hours.  Until my final grades come in from this semester, I have 1.  That means I have to wait until Thursday.  Prerequisite to this resolution is figuring out my schedule for Spring.

5) Pass all my finals
I have six of them: two Geology, one English, one Math, one History, and one Music.  Not worried about the Geology lecture final, or the last three.  I'm worried about the lab final and the English final, so those are the ones I'll be focusing most of my attention on.

6) Deliver Christmas gifts to the girls
Since the cupcake is finally finished, the pair of purses I made for my best friend's cousins are finally ready for delivery.  I might be invited to their Christmas party, which will make it quite convenient to deliver them.

7) Finish Octuple Rainbow
This is almost finished, people.  I can't even wrap my brain around this fact.  I've been working on it for nearly a full year (nearly a year and a half if you count planning), I'm right on schedule, and the project has gone from this to this with only the border to go.  Crazy.

8) Finish spinning angora singles and begin plying
With just a small chunk left of the first two ounces, it's almost time to start plying this baby.  Which is funny, since I won't have access to the super nice balcony at the SC college campus after the 12th.  Oh well.  I'll have to find somewhere else to spin.

9) Seriously, clean my room
It's a disaster area in here, and I'd like to be able to light some candles.  And find all my paperwork.  And sit at my desk.  And have access to all my stuff.  So yeah, definitely this is important.

10) Read Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green 
When we went to Chicago for Thanksgiving, my mother gave me a book called Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier, translated from German.  It's about time travel, and I read it straight through on the two-day drive.  Understand that I don't read for fun much anymore, and stuff tends to lose my interest.  This was engaging and entrancing and I could not put it down.  The sequels are at the local library, and I'll be picking up Sapphire Blue today when I drop off my brother to volunteer.  I can't imagine they'll be worse than the first, since the plot was just gearing up to get going.  And even if the plot twist is probably exactly what I think it is, Gier has done such an excellent job of keeping me in the dark and comfortable with that fact that I know I'll enjoy every second of it.

Ten goals.  Whew.  Here we go!

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