Saturday, September 14, 2013

Storied Color: Coolest Thing

It's the end of week two, and time to check in!

I think I mentioned before that this is my third yarn, and it's already my favorite.  It's the fastest I've ever spun (I spun as much in the last two weeks as I did in my first month), it'll be the most I've ever spun (my current record is 1/2 ounce), and it's goshdarn the most complex I've ever spun (colors need to be kept in order!).

Recall my progress at the end of last week?  Jara's shaft wound with a skinny cop of reddish-purple singles, only beginning to show the rounded shape of a pregnant spindle?

Colors slightly faded by the Table of Terrible Lighting
We've doubled the size of the cop in this last week, going from 1/4 of an an ounce up to 1/2, sliding through a grey-purple to the first half of a serene blue-grey.  The purple still peeks through toward the end of the shaft, with thin criss-crossing strands of blue locking them into place.

She definitely shows a more round shape now at halfway through, and I do expect to be able to pack the other half-ounce on.  I have my fingers crossed that my winding skills will be up to the task.  I'm fairly confident it will be fine.

Red to blue, and now back to red again.  This journey is a beautiful one.

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