Friday, December 6, 2013

Earth Science Hat: Finally Off My Needles!

Yes!  Finally, this insane project is no longer occupying my needles!

Now, this doesn't mean it's done.  Oh, no.  For one thing, the back is a mess of ends hanging off from myriad different corners (notably, the subduction zone and ocean edge above it).  For another thing, there are a number of structures and details that need to be duplicate-stitched or embroidered in.  Here's what I can come up with off the top of my head:

  • Stars
  • Clouds
  • Rain
  • The details on the mid-ocean ridge
  • The magma/lava on the volcano
  • The stick-figure geologist
  • The outline of the mountain range
  • The converging crustal plates of the mountain range
  • The below-ground portion of the rift zone
  • The outline of the subduction zone
But at least it's a hat now!  Ready to see?

Yes, yes, yes.  Look at how pretty that thing is.  With the current view, you can see the subduction zone, the volcano to its right, and the mid-ocean ridge to the left, covered by a greenish-blue ocean (wasn't sure I'd like that, but I really do).

I think my favorite thing about this hat, though, is space.  See where the really pale blue switches to the stripes of darker and darker blue?  That's this:

Yeah.  I dyed that myself.  Sorry it's washed-out; that's the best picture I could get.

There's actually leftovers of all the colors, which is awesome.  Once I finish the details on the hat, I'll be making myself something cool with all these leftovers.

Gotta finish by Monday, which now actually seems doable.  School has been canceled today due to the fact that it looks like this outside: 

And yes, those trees are falling over due to ice.  Apparently it feels like walking on plywood when you go outside -- you don't sink at all.  So yeah!  Everyone in my house is home today, including my dad who will spend all day on the couch on the phone with his coworker, working on whatever it is they're doing.  My best friend is out of this weather in Austin, and I just have my fingers crossed they won't come home until it's safe to do so.  I'm really afraid of them driving all that way in these conditions.

Anyway, I hope everyone affected is staying safe, and I'll get back under my covers and start weaving in these ends!

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