Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Final Project: Krissie and Maxwell

Before you panic, let me assure you that this is not my last project.  It's a clever title for my latest one.  I assure you, I will continue to knit long after I've finished.

With that reassurance, let's get to what the project actually is.

Have you ever heard of The (secret) Toy Society?  It's a wonderful organization that secretly leaves toys in public places to be picked up by children and taken home for free.  I just had to join, although I haven't made any drops yet.

I'm at college literally every weekday right now, and we're getting to finals in a couple of weeks.  This means, as my best friend put it, "There are lots of stressed teenage girls."  These people might appreciate adorableness.

Finals means many students are pulling several all-nighters to cram for tests they haven't prepared for.  Who better to encourage these tired teens (and adults!) through their study sessions than someone who's up all night anyway?

That's where my nocturnal friends come in.  An army of owls (and potentially bats) released into the campus[es] where they can bring happiness to a few lucky students.  Ready to meet the first volunteers?

Both these little guys are knit with Caron Simply Soft on size 2 (yes, two) double-pointed needles.  This gives them very tight, thick fabric that stuffing doesn't show through.  (And, well, that's my only set of double-points.  So there's that.)  The beaks are embroidered on before the top is grafted, and the googly eyes are hot-glued into place at the end.

Her eyes look a bit off because the pupils fell forward and I didn't notice.
She looks fine in real life.
Krissie has a bright, Christmas-green body with a more serene cranberry-red head.  The end of November is such a difficult time -- do you start preparing for Christmas, or wait for Thanksgiving to pass?  Playful Krissie chooses Christmas!  Fun-loving and mischievous, this is one owl who will keep your study session lively.

Maxwell is a well-dressed fellow in his rich red with three neat buttons.  He's a proper ginger gentleman who likes order and precision more than passionate emotion.  The wild side is a bit too much for him, but he has a strong curiosity and can follow directions better than anyone.  Just the sort of owl to help with any math or science on your schedule.

Hopefully I can enlist a bunch more of these little cuties before the semester is out.  I hear there may be bats on their way as well, so we'll see what comes of that!

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