Friday, October 18, 2013

Octuple Rainbow: Mirror Mirror

My progress on this poor darling sort of... completely stopped when I started college.  I just didn't make time for it.  Which is terrible, because it means now I'm supposed to be finished with the third quarter and into the fourth, and well... I'm not.

Not the fourth quarter
However, I did finish the second quarter the day before classes began.  And there are some excellent pictures.  Do you want to see?

Here they are then.  The first one I'm probably going to replicate with the third and fourth quarters on top as well, because spirals are the coolest.

This second one is where the title of the post comes from.  I'm sorry there isn't a better picture, but I can't retry yet for reasons I shall explain in a moment.

Mirror image!
So why can't I just stick both quarters on the floor and take another picture?

I am only in possession of one.

One quarter is on my bed, being used as a cuddle blanket during the surprisingly chilly October nights.  The other finished quarter currently resides on the back of my best friend's desk chair.  He's been so enchanted with this project since it began that I had to give him the use of one of them.  It will remain in his possession until I finish the fourth quarter (or shortly before), at which point he'll return it so I can sew the last two seams and complete the body of the blanket.

Actually we've probably traded.  We both brought our pieces to a Shakespeare In The Park event the other night, intending to switch at the end of the evening just for the fun of it.  I lost track of which was which, though.  I choose to believe we traded.

At the moment I am currently on seam 3 of 10 for the third quarter.  Can I finish them all on time?  We'll see.

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