Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Still Swimming

I made quite a pretty penny babysitting Little Kid last week, and I'll be making more this week by not missing a day.  On Thursday I managed to get her out of the house and to the park about a five minute walk away.  +1 to Lissa for accomplishing this amidst protests of "I don't wanna go outside!" because of course, she was quite happy once she got out there.

Thursday and Friday she wanted to "watch colors", which I found out is a preschool preparation video designed to teach toddlers their colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white) while simultaneously driving anyone over the age of eight out of their freaking minds.  Click here to view a two-minute segment, and then realize that this is repeated eight times (and there are other, equally mind-numbing segments following).  I've seen it three times within a two-day span.  +1 to Little Kid for making me crazy.

Yesterday was a giant success because I actually managed to get her to sleep.  She desperately wanted me to know that she wasn't tired, so I continued to tell her that I knew that, and it was okay.  We were still going to rest.  She was too wiggly lying in bed to settle down, but she went quite still and laid her head on my shoulder if I carried her.  So I walked around humming nonsense tunes for a while, until her body basically betrayed her mind and became too floppy to wiggle.  Thankfully that was also the point where my arms were too tired to continue holding her.  So I set her down on the bed and she was happy to lie there, but wouldn't close her eyes.  Recognizing that my presence was no longer helping, I told her I would be right back and she needed to close her eyes until I returned.  When I peeked in about two minutes later, she was not asleep -- but she wasn't restless either.  I know two-year-olds have a fairly vague sense of time, and I know that gets magnified when you're half asleep.  So I set up camp outside the door with a book I hadn't yet started, and determined to wait there until she called or got out of bed.

When I left about 2.5 hours later (having finished the book), she hadn't woken up yet.  +1 to Lissa for successfully putting a feisty toddler down for a nap.

Lissa: 1
Little Kid: 2

In other news, I'm one run behind in C25K, having completed W1D3 yesterday when I should have done W2D1.  But that's fine.  I figure I'll do Week 2 on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  Then Week 3 on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (making four runs instead of three that week, two in a row).  My school schedule will better accommodate runs on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, so starting in Week 4 that's what it'll look like.

Also I have no books for classes.  I don't know how this has happened.

This project needs to be done by Monday.  Currently, it is only a hat:

Any guesses what I might be making?  Correct guesses will... uh... I don't know.  Maybe I'll think of something.

To you, this might look like tea (organic ginger-and-pear white tea, to be precise, with honey).  To me, it looks like a Last Desperate Attempt.  An attempt to clear my poor, allergy-ridden sinuses, sooth my irritated throat, and coax my vocal cords back into glorious life so that I can sing in a "Fun Show" on Saturday.  My fingers are not crossed, but I've been assured that lots of liquid will help.  Maybe.

Tomorrow, more Resolution updates.  And I'm actually kind of maybe making some progress, I think.  I don't know.

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