Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Because I'm Giving Thanks

No posts this next few days. I should start up again Tuesday, maybe Wednesday at the latest.

You want to know why? Well thanks for asking.

I'm going on a little holiday for Thanksgiving, going to have a big family reunion in the very large house belonging to one of my dad's cousins. It's going to be a lot of fun.

While I'm gone I'm going to be scribbling down a few thousand words a day, looking after some little cousins, socializing with some second cousins and their parents, eating much toffee (I love my great-aunt's toffee) and little turkey (not too big on the whole "meat" thing at the moment).

Somewhere in there I'll find time for a little crocheting, although I'm not sure what projects are simple enough to bring along. Maybe that blue afghan that my mom started (incorrectly) years ago. I'd need to decide how to alter it (fixing it is impossible).

One of my problems is that my Stash Yarn (yes, I have a stash) is not in large enough quantities to actually make anything. Except the skeins that came from my mom's attempt at a sweater when she was twelve. But I really hate that yarn. The white is fine but too stretchy, and the purple is too red for me. But I have to get rid of it somehow.

Maybe if I make it into a ripple baby blanket, I can get rid of it. That would be amazing. I should do that.


Anyway, while I'm gone, I want proof that y'all are working on your chains. Show me pictures!

When I get home I'll give you another stitch to practice.

Happy hooking!

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  1. It's January, please post again. -Rachel


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