Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ravellenic Games Day Three

No one is slowing down yet!

I'm only hearing sporadically from my teammates, so I assume they're all knitting like the wind.  (Can the wind knit?)

The medal count stands now at:

WIPs Dancing (2)
Mitten Moguls (1)
Cable Cross-Country (1)
Single Skein Speed Skate (1)
Stash Skeleton (1)

Which is only one more medal than we previously had, but that medal is mine!  A WIPs Dancing medal earned for me by this lovely little fella...

Finished this afternoon and delivered to the young man whose birthday was yesterday.  And I really do mean that; he turned sixteen.  I did not expect him to like the bear, but he seemed delighted enough.  It is "prominently displayed" (his words) in his bedroom, over his desk.

My other two projects are coming along nicely as well.  In fact, my spinning is going so well that I've already finished a single:

Most of my spinning was done at a friend's house, half watching part of a movie I can no longer remember the title of.  I was mostly there just for a change of scenery.  Just to have some company.

I wound off onto the pencil during TV with my family, which took forever.  Which indicates that I have a lot of yardage here.  And the single, thin as it is, only broke in one place.  I just felted it back together.

All that explains why I was only able to do a little on the Irish Roots socks:

I'm an inch/12 rows from finishing the foot.  I'll attempt to do that tomorrow.

My brother's Doctor Who scarf is coming along nicely as well.  He's still ahead of schedule, and checked out at 21.0% complete this evening.  For three days' work, that's not bad.  If he continued at this rate (which he won't, because of school), he'd be done long before the closing ceremonies.  I'm so proud.

Back to the real world now, the world of homework and classes and household chores and things.  Fingers crossed I (and all of us) keep up the good work!

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