Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ravellenic Games Day Seven

Wow.  It's the end of the first week already.  How did that happen?

The crazy Texas weather decided to actually allow me to go to my Astronomy class tonight.  It would have been better if I'd remembered to wear my winter boots, because Converse have absolutely no insulation whatsoever.  I was physically in pain from the waist down when we went back inside, from not having enough layers.  I'll try to remember next time.

I'm thinking my medal count is off at this point, because surely we've finished more projects.  I'll check tomorrow, but I'll put up the old count tonight anyway:

Cable Cross-Country (1)
Cross Cowling (1)
Mitten Moguls (1)
Single Skein Speed Skate (2)
Stash Skeleton (1)
WIPs Dancing (2)

I'm actually extremely pleased with my progress for today.  I hit two major milestones today, which makes me think maybe I can actually get this stuff done with time to spare.

After my disappointing performance yesterday, I got back up and attacked it again today, and managed to finish the second single.  Tomorrow I'll wind it onto a pencil, wrap the plying ball, and hopefully get started plying.  I'm really excited about this yarn, although I suspect I'll be ending up with a bunch leftover from this second single.  Not really a problem though; I'll just ply it (with itself or with thread, not sure yet) and use it as an accent or something.

Remember the fight I had with this sock yesterday?  Well no more!  I finally settled on a bindoff I actually like, and it worked fairly well even.  It's this variation on a chain bindoff I remembered liking and managed to hunt down again.  I also took advantage of TechKnitter's Excellent Method for a jogless chain bindoff, so you can't actually really tell where I started.  It's very exciting.

Tomorrow I'll be starting the second sock, and hopefully I'll be able to finish that one in less than a week, since I now know what I'm doing!

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