Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lissa V. Little Kid

Lissa: 0
Little Kid: 0

Note that I don't actually consider adult/kid, parent/child, or sitter/sittee relationships to be confrontational by nature.  I'm just having fun.

Right now I have a two-week babysitting job.  To get there, I drive through a bunch of farmland (singing loudly and drinking tea because the scenery is really boring and zoning out at 65 miles per hour [~104 kilometers per hour] is a bad plan) until I get to this adorable little village.  Little Kid is two years old, and I am charged with keeping her busy and happy for four to six and a half hours, depending on the day.

One of the things I'm supposed to do is put her down for a nap after lunch.  Yesterday, even though we could tell that Little Kid needed some sleep, she refused to nap because she "wasn't tired".  By the end of the afternoon she was so zonked she would just stand around because she couldn't remember what she was doing and didn't have the energy to do anything.  Adorable, yes.  But it meant that if she couldn't pull her shoes off on the first try she was bordering on tears.  Not so cute.  +1 to Little Kid for successfully avoiding naptime in a funny way.

Lissa: 0
Little Kid: 1

Today, she admitted to being tired, at about ten o'clock.  She still didn't go down for a nap though, because she wanted to "sleep with Mommy" and her mother understandably refused.  She was working, after all.  She was pretty much zonked the whole time I was there, to the point where when we were laying on the floor reading giant board books, she kept putting her head down on the book like she was just going to fall asleep there.  I didn't blame her.  I've done that myself. +1 to Little Kid for successfully avoiding naptime in a cute way.

Lissa: 0
Little Kid: 2

I was warned when I arrived today that Little Kid had the sniffles.  So while I was there I obliged many polite requests for "Kleenex" ("Thanks" followed every single time!).  I returned home in perfectly fine shape, and four hours later I have a horrid headache and a sore throat.  Bam.  Now we're both down.  -1 to both for getting sick.

Lissa: -1
Little Kid: 1

I'll keep you posted.

In other news, the angora is making some progress.  I've finished the swatch, which has made the most beautiful fabric with tiny stitches, and is so incredibly soft and warm I'm tempted to keep it all to myself.  So far I am resisting temptation.  Now I have to wash it, take gauge, calculate yardage requirements, and pray that I've spun enough.  I'd like to dye it and get a move on knitting, not spin more.  Wish me luck.

The original plan was to dye it today, but I haven't gotten to the above things yet so we had to postpone.  The current plan is to dye it Thursday, but that means I have to get to the above things tomorrow.  And if I'm horizontal and incapable of math, that might not happen.

Tomorrow, updates on my January resolutions!  Provided I haven't died.

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