Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July Resolutions

This March, a thread turned up in the Ravelry Loose Ends forum entitled "Resolutions for March".  Which of course made it intriguing enough for pretty much everyone who saw it to click on it.  The basic premise was that it was the end of February and we'd all failed our New Year's Resolutions, so we may as well make some new ones, just for March.

The idea took off, so in April there was another thread.  By May, I was curious enough to join, with eight items, all fibercraft ones.  I accomplished only three.  Toward the beginning of the month I suggested we ought to create a group for this, since it was turning out to be an excellent idea.  The idea was pounced on and Resolutions Monthly was born (come join us, Ravelers!).

June came along; there were six items on my resolution list, again all fibercrafts.  I managed four of them.

So now it's July, and I've finished creating my list. May I show you?

I have three categories this month: Fiber, Writing, and General Life.  I decided to limit myself to three goals per category (the .5 goals in the Fiber section are wishful thinking/extra credit), in the hopes that perhaps I can get them all done. There's an old superstition about the number three being magical, so three-in-three must be lucky.

Fiber Goals

1) Complete Rainbow Teddy before the 20th
It's tradition with me that my friends get handknit teddy bears for their fifteenth birthdays.  A dear friend of mine turns 15 on the 20th, and I'd like to have her bear finished by then.  He's going to be quite, quite colorful!
2) Purchase my drop spindle and fiber for spinning
I know exactly what I want and where to buy it, but I've been putting it off because I have a lot of work to do and don't want to get distracted.
     2.5) Spin something 
     Because once I have a spindle and fiber... I'll want to use them.
3) Sew the linings into the Twin Quilt Purses
They've literally just been sitting around for months, and I'd really like to have them finished.
     3.5) Use them as an excuse to meet the kiddos
     This requires finishing the yellow cupcake I'm putting inside the second one.

Writing Goals 

1) Finish the first draft of my novel
I've been writing a novel for school and it needs to be finished by the end of the month.  Right now I'm in the middle of chapter five out of twelve.
2) Critique two first chapters for two people
On my writer's forum for the above curriculum, we can post chapters and have other people critique them.  I haven't been doing this, so I'd like to start.
3) Write 7 acrostic poems
At the beginning of the summer I set a goal of 8 acrostic poems.  I've written one.  So I'd like to do the other seven.

General Life Goals 

1) Gain 5 pounds
Yeah, yeah.  I know, you'd all like to have my problem.  But honestly, I'm 5'4" and I should weigh more than 103.  It's really not healthy.
2) Clean my room, all of it
My mother's threatened to come do it herself, and I don't want that at all.  So I'll just have to do it myself.
3) Read one book, just for the heck of it--no assignments, no requirements, just read a book
I've realized I'm not doing any reading for fun anymore.  Which is really sad.  So I'm going to pick up something and read it, just because I want to.

Do you have any goals for July?  Create your own list!

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